Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

13 February
I went to a couple of thrift stores over the weekend.

I was actually looking for something specific for a project I'm working on but as long as I was there I picked up a few things for the shop too!

Let me show you what I found. It will all be listed soon at the Little Boho Cottage shop.

Vintage English Candy Tin

I love the designs on these vintage Italian Florentine plaques.

Italian Florentine plaque

This one is titled "Murillo Madonna and Child".

Price $1.99, Value $12 - $14

Murillo Madonna and Child plaque

This little incense burner is so tiny!

vintage incense burner

It kind of reminds me of my childhood, I think we had at least one of these in our house!

Price $1.99, Value $12 - $14

vintage incense burner

I thought this copper utensil set was cool but I had no idea how much they go for on Etsy... up to $150! Actually, that's a bit high in my opinion.

copper kitchen utensil set

Price $3.99, Value $40 - $60

copper kitchen tool set

I thought this little carved wooden cat was cute.

Price $3.99, Value $12 - $14

carved wooden cat figurine

This carved wooden plate would make a great gallery wall piece.

Price $4.99, Value $18 - $20

carved wooden plate

I have a weird fascination with pretty vintage tins, I think this one is especially pretty.

Vintage English candy tin

It's marked "Summer Flower, Baret Ware Container"

Price $1.99, Value $14 - $16

Baret Ware Candy Container

thrifting finds

I didn't find what I actually went shopping for, but I think these finds make up for that!

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  1. Wow! you scored on that copper utensil set! I like the decorative tin the best--so cute. I always enjoy your Treasure Trove Tuesdays and your great finds. We don't have much here; even The Salvation Army thrift store packed up and left. :-(

  2. Nancy CarrollFebruary 13, 2018

    Great finds! That price you found for the copper utensils does seem a bit excessive! Someone has high hopes! Now---about the wooden cat----i had one just like it. I had thought i'd paint it somehow, when i got it but it sat around in my way forever and i finally took it to the thrift shop in one of my purges! I wonder if that one somehow made it's way to the shop where you found yours??

  3. Thanks Vikki! That sucks that all the thrift stores are moving out. Too bad you can't come here for a visit, we have at least 10 thrift shops that I can think of, we could make a day of it!



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