Repurposed Yardstick Counter Top

11 July
It's the second Wednesday of July and you know what that means!

It's time for another Thrifty Chicks challenge! If you are new here, the Thrifty Chicks is a group of blogging friends and we get together on the second Wednesday of each month for a fun upcycling challenge project. You'll be able to check out all the projects at the bottom of this post!

This month's challenge was to repurpose yardsticks and/or rulers!

Make a counter or table top with repurposed yardsticks
Thrifty Chicks Yardstick Challenge

I found this little kitchen cabinet a couple of years ago at an antique shop and new it would be just the right size for my half bathroom, I had a little space between the wall and my vanity that needed a little something.

Here is what the cabinet looked like when I found it.

old kitchen cabinet

You can see the first makeover here: Before and After - Upcycled Kitchen Cabinet

And here is what the top looked like after that initial makeover, I was never really happy with it.

kitchen cabinet upcycle

This was my attempt at fixing up the top. I used some leftover wallpaper I had. Better but still not grabbing me.

bathroom cabinet

So when we chose yardsticks or rulers for this challenge I knew what I wanted to do!


I had a mix of vintage and newer yardsticks... almost enough already but I did end up buying 3 more from Ace Hardware.

yardsticks vintage and new

I started by removing as much of the old wallpaper I had used but as you can see impatience won out and I didn't spend too much time on that task! 😂

counter top

I measured the top and then cut the yardsticks to that length and some for around the edge.

old yardsticks

I used wood glue to adhere the yardsticks on the top of the cabinet.

wood glue

I made sure the front edge was even, lining up the yardsticks with the edge of the cabinet.

making a yardstick counter top

Once I had all the yardsticks in place I put books on top and allowed it to dry.

weight it down with books

Once that was dry I wanted to even up the back edge, you can see they are a little uneven.


I used a jigsaw to even that up.

even up the edge with a jigsaw

Then I used wood glue and added the yardsticks around the edges for a more finished look.

yardstick table top

I did sand the top a little bit, especially to take some of the "newness" out of the newer yardsticks.

And then I used Howard's Feed & Wax to darken them up just a tad.

repurposed yardstick top

counter top from old yardsticks

jewelry display

Repurposed Yardstick Counter Top

I love how it turned out and it gives my bathroom a little added interest!

how to make a table or counter top from old yardsticks

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