Stenciled RV Table & Pillow

31 October
Thank you to StencilsLAB for partnering with me to bring you this RV makeover post! Financial compensation was not received for this post, a sample product was gifted. Ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.

If you saw my RV Mood Board for Bertha then you know that I am keeping her original avocado colored counters and table. I did want to give the table a little a little pizazz though so I thought it would be fun to try stenciling it!

stenciled RV table

I reached out to StencilsLAB and they sent me their EFIA Tribal All Over Wall Stencil!

To get started with my project I made sure to clean the table really well and then taped the stencil down onto the table. One of the nice things about their stencils is how large they are! I was able to stencil the whole table and only repositioned the stencil one time!

how to stencil

I used a tiny paint roller rather than a traditional stenciling brush. I thought it would work better and avoid excessive bleeding of the paint since the table is a slick surface. The trick with either application method (stencil brush or roller) is to keep the applicator very dry as you are working. So, I rolled the roller into the paint and then rolled it onto a paper towel first.

stenciling how to

Once I finished the first half of the table, I repositioned and matched the pattern on the stencil to finish the second half.

I used the same paint that I used on the walls.

stenciling a table

I picked a stencil that has a boho vibe to it to match the design plans I have for Bertha and I love this pattern!

stenciled RV table

Once the stenciled design had dried completely (I actually gave it a week to cure but that's mostly because I only work on her on the weekends) I gave it 4 coats of poly to protect it from getting scratched up.

And of course one of the fun things about finishing a project is shopping my mom's vintage collections for pictures afterwards!

tribal stencil

stenciled table design

RV table

RV dinette table

What do you think of this adorable little bar towel?!

vintage tea towel

stenciled motorhome table

motorhome dinette table

As the title of this post indicates I also created a pillow with this stencil and made a little video for your viewing pleasure 😀 Don't judge me, I'm still a beginner videographer!!

Here are a couple of before and after shots that show Bertha's light and airy new paint job too!

RV before picture

RV after picture

RV after

RV before

RV after

And how about that awesome new table one more time??

table after

Stenciled RV Table & Pillow

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