Adorable Pipe Cleaner Dolls - Part II

07 February
In my last pipe cleaner doll post I said I couldn't stop making them, they are so fun and cute... well I didn't stop, I made more!!

The little dolls I made before were ornaments, I thought it would be fun to make some free standing dolls!

pipe cleaner dolls
These are made basically the same way as the original Adorable Pipe Cleaner Dolls. The only difference is these don't have the hangers on their backs making them ornaments. Instead, they have little bases that they stand on!

I used a cardboard spool that originally held ribbon and covered the top with scrapbook paper.

pipe cleaner doll base

I used felt and some tiny pom poms to make slippers! 😁 Some vintage fabric around the spool and some tiny flowers added to make a fun little stand!

pipe cleaner doll slippers

I'll try to just be quiet and let you look at them!

pipe cleaner poodle

black poodle dog doll

pipe cleaner dog

dog doll

pipe cleaner doll

free standing pipe cleaner dolls

I also made a little deer.

pipe cleaner deer doll

deer doll

slippers for a pipe cleaner doll

deer pipe cleaner doll

pipe cleaner deer doll

dolls made from pipe cleaners

Adorable Pipe Cleaner Dolls - Part II

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