Adorable Pipe Cleaner Dolls

02 February
I had minor surgery on Tuesday so I've been at home since then and I'm feeling a little bit of cabin fever! I'm not used to just laying around doing nothing!

I decided it was time for some low-key "quiet" crafts so I made some adorable pipe cleaner dolls!

Pipe cleaner dolls

Aren't they sweet! They are so fun to make, I can't stop!

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Here's what you'll need to make some of your own.

Supplies Needed

I have an old hatbox filled with this kind of bump chenille stems that I've been collecting for this very purpose! I pick them up whenever I see them at garage sales and thrift stores.

bump chenille stems

You'll also need some cute heads for your dolls. I used these (linked in the supplies) and some cute kittens I found on Pinterest.

paper clip art heads for paper dolls

To make the dolls you'll need two pieces of chenille stem, one with one bump and one with two bumps.

Fold the one with two bumps in half.

make a pipe cleaner doll

Slide the single bump piece between the folded piece.

how to make a chenille stem doll

Then twist the top to form a little loop to glue the head onto.

make a pipe cleaner animal

Then twist the bottom to form the legs.

pipe cleaner doll diy

I used an old toothbrush to fluff up the chenille since this piece is vintage and a little smooshed.

how to make a pipe cleaner doll

My printer isn't working as well as it should so my printed heads didn't turn out as colorful as I wanted. I used decorating chalks and Q-tips to add some color!

decorating chalks

I added a little tan to my kitten and pink inside her ears and on her cheeks.

coloring with decorating chalks

Glue the head onto the chenille loop with the craft glue and bend the arms and legs as you wish.

pipe cleaner doll how to

I found a little wooden heart and painted it pink.

pink heart

I glued it to the front, added a sticker, and then glued her hands so it looks like she's holding the heart.

chenille stem kitten ornament

The ornament hanger is made with a silver tinsel pipe cleaner. Wrap it around something like a tube of paint to get a nice shape and glue it to the back of your doll.

pipe cleaner animal ornaments

For my next little doll, I used one of the bunny heads. I colored it with chalk and added some vintage millinery flowers on her head where the flowers were on the printed version.

embellishing your doll

The kitten head was smaller. For these larger heads, I made the chenille bodies larger by using one piece with 3 bumps and one with two. They are assembled the same. For these, I also wrapped a single bump around their middles.

how to make adorable pipe cleaner ornaments

You can see that I gave her a cute little crepe paper dress, a vintage ribbon bow, and she is holding a vintage cupcake topper flower. You could also use paper muffin cups to make little dresses if you don't have crepe paper streamers (I just happen to have a whole basket of crepe paper rolls... I am a craft supply hoarder!)

I think I love her!

bunny pipe cleaner doll ornament

My next little girl got a blue crepe paper dress.

vintage crepe paper streamer

She looks so happy to be getting her dress! 😃

chenille stem dolls

A pink bow, vintage flower, and a glittery pink heart finish this one off!

bunny pipe cleaner doll ornament

The last one I made got shorts!

pipe cleaner animal ornaments

He is holding a Borax crystal heart. There is a tutorial for making snowflakes HERE, I just made mine in the shape of hearts!

Here are some more pictures of the finished dolls.

Adorable Pipe Cleaner Doll ornaments

pipe cleaner spring bunny

bunny spring ornament

pipe cleaner kitten ornament

pipe cleaner bunny valentine

That little flower this one is holding is actually a candle holder so I put a pearl bead down inside to make the flower complete!

Adorable Pipe Cleaner Dolls

These were so fun to make and embellish. I'm planning to make more! Maybe some that stand on their own!

Adorable Pipe Cleaner Dolls

Adorable Pipe Cleaner Dolls

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! Now I know how to make the cute little outfits the animals are wearing. These are so cute and fun to make!

    1. You're welcome Susan, I'm glad you like them!



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