Upcycled Tin Can St. Patrick's Day Hat

16 February
Well, Valentine's Day is over and I'm itching to switch out my V-day decor for some St. Patty's Day decor!

It seems like this holiday is skipped over a lot don't you think? I went out looking for a clover paper punch today and came up completely empty handed! I checked three craft stores and Target... nothin'! So I was forced to use what I have and get creative!

So, since I couldn't find the punch I only bought chocolates for this project, everything else I had!

Upcycled Tin Can St. Patrick's Day Hat

St. Patrick's Day crafts

Here is how this project started! Yep, a dog food can!!

recycled dog food can

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Supplies Needed

Since the paper won't cover the lip of the can, you can paint it with green craft paint.

make a candy container for St. Patrick's Day

Then measure around the can...

how to make a tin can hat candy container

Cut the paper of your choice to the length and width you need and adhere to the can with Mod Podge.

recycled can decoration

Next, you'll need a large circle for the base of the hat. I used a lid as a pattern.

tin can candy container

Then use Mod Podge again to glue the paper of your choice to both sides of this circle. I find it easier to glue the paper to the cardboard and then cut around the cardboard circle.

st. patrick's day crafts

Glue the can to the center of the circle with E6000 glue.

St. patty's day crafts

Make a buckle shape with a scrap of gold metallic scrapbook paper.

st. patrick's day decor

Add a strip of black paper around the can slightly above the brim and then add the buckle on top of that.

candy container from a tin can

I have an old hat box full of crinkle cut paper and Easter grass. I chose some green grass for my hat.

easter grass

Cute yah?!

handmade st. patrick's day decor

Now here is where you'll be ahead of me if you have a clover paper punch! I had to improvise! I cut three hearts for each clover.

make a paper clover with hearts

And a circle for each clover.

paper hearts for clover

Glue three hearts to a circle to form your clover.

make paper clovers

Trim the bottom of the circle.

paper clover DIY

Then add a self-adhesive pearl to the center.

clovers from paper hearts

You can add highlights to them with white craft paint. You can see I also added little stems too.

make clovers from paper

You can make the little swirl highlights by sliding the side of your paintbrush through the paint.

paint highlights

And then do the same motion on the paper... a little swoosh motion. Add the dots by dipping the end of the paintbrush into the paint.

clover DIY

Once those are dry use three pieces of florist's wire and some florist's tape to give them stems.

making clover floral picks

Curl the gold pipe cleaners around a pen or pencil to make tendrils.

clover floral picks

making st. patricks crafts

I found this little green tag in my stuff and stamped Happy St. Patrick's Day on it, then cut a slit at the top so I could clip it around one of the wires on the clover.

st. patrick's day tag

Stick the clover picks and the gold tendrils into the can, add some candy and you're done!

St. Patrick's Day candy container

St. Patrick's Day crafts to make

I found these gold coin chocolates at Target's Dollar Spot. I was originally planning to use Rolos, those would be cute too!

St. Patty's Day decoration

Cute St. Patrick's Day decor

Cute candy tin for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Hat

I think cute St. Patrick's Day decor is a little harder find so this is a great way to satisfy your urge to make things AND get some cute decor in the meantime!

St. Patrick's Day Hat candy container

Upcycled Tin Can St. Patrick's Day Hat

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