DIY Dollhouse Kitchen Bar

01 March
So, how did you like the Dollhouse Pallet Wood Window Valance I shared?

It was just the start... once I made that I couldn't stop! Today I'm sharing the little bar and stools I made along with a couple little accessories to go with them!

Dollhouse Kitchen Bar

DIY miniature kitchen bar
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The kitchen in my dollhouse is pretty small and I didn't feel like there was room for a full-size table plus chairs so instead, I decided a bar would be a great solution!

Supplies needed for the dollhouse bar:
  • Laminate Counter Sample (you can usually find these for free at Lowe's or Home Depot)
  • E6000 Glue
  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Paint in the color of your choice
  • Scissors

I found a countertop sample in my stuff from when I was picking counters for my kitchen remodel. I thought it would make a cute bar! You could use regular wood too and stain it.

counter sample

Cut out two pieces with rounded corners and glue them together to form the top for your new bar.

making a dollhouse bar

Cut three thin pieces to use as the skirt (two short for the sides and one long for the front) and two pieces of dowel for the chunky legs and glue them all in place.

miniature bar

bar for dollhouse kitchen

Paint the legs in the color of your choice. Attach it to the wall in the kitchen with the self-adhesive tape.

bar for a small dollhouse kitchen

So now I needed barstools!

Supplies needed for the dollhouse bar stools
  • Wooden Buttons (you could also use regular buttons or any round piece of wood)
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Glue
  • Fabric Scrap
  • Lace Scrap
  • Heavy Duty Thread
  • Stuffing
  • Paint in the color of your choice

These took me a while to figure out but I finally decided to use wooden buttons.

dollhouse barstools

Cut some pieces of dowel for the legs. Be sure to take the height of your bar into consideration.

miniature barstool DIY

My next dilemma was trying to get the legs to stay in place while they dried! I finally put some poster tack around a round wooden piece that was the right size to keep the legs at the proper distance. It was just sticky enough to hold the legs in place until they dried!

make miniature barstools

They are actually pretty cute like this but I wanted to make a padded seat for mine.

DIY barstools for a dollhouse

Cut a small piece of fabric and run a gathering stitch around the edge.

barstools for a dollhouse kitchen

Add a piece of stuffing to the center...

dollhouse bar stools

And put it over the seat on the stool.

miniature bar stools

Then add a little bit of lace and voila... two teeny-tiny barstools!

dollhouse bar stools

dollhouse bar table

Now I needed to make the little details that are on the bar...

Supplies needed to make the dollhouse water glasses

This is my eyebrow pencil... see the little clear plastic cap?

eyebrow pencil

The end looks like a little cup to me.

dollhouse glasses

Cut the end off the cap with the X-acto knife to the length you want.

For the ice cubes, cut up the hook part of this plastic suction cup or any other piece of clear plastic. You could also use sea salt!

suction cup

dollhouse ice cubes

dollhouse glasses with ice cubes

The Glossy Accents will create the water. Just squeeze enough in so it covers the ice cubes and looks like water in the glass. It will dry clear.

glossy accents

Apparently, there's pepper in the water! 😂 That's funny... I can't even see that with my bare eyes until it's blown up with a camera!

Next, I made a bowl full of apples!

Supplies needed to make the wooden bowl & apples

Flip the smaller bowl upside down and glue the larger bowl on top of it, then paint!

dollhouse pedestal bowl

The apples are easy to make with polymer clay. I followed THIS YouTube tutorial.

polymer clay apples

What do you think?! You can see what the Rhubarb sign is made from in this post: Dollhouse Kitchen Sink and Open Shelves

Dollhouse Kitchen Bar

Dollhouse Kitchen Bar

Here are some great books to get you started with miniatures!

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