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13 March
Today is Thrifty Chicks day!

On the second Wednesday of each month, a group of blogging friends and I share an upcycle project in a mini blog hop and this month we are upcycling old drawers!

There will be links to the other ladies' projects at the end of my post so be sure to check those out! I always love seeing what someone else does with the same item I'm working with!

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For this project, I just happened to have a drawer out in my garage too! I scrounged around and found some scraps of plywood and some old scrabble tile holders and I had what I needed for this project.

old drawer

Are you curious what it will be or do you think you know? 😏

Thrifty Chicks

I took my supplies to my dad's because his garage is heated... and clean. My garage is neither one of those!

We used a square to mark a straight line in three spots inside on both the front and back of the drawer.

Then we attached the scrabble tile holders along those straight lines with wood glue.

scrabble tile holders for shelf brackets

 They now act as little shelf brackets! So, if you guessed shelf, you were right!

We clamped them and allowed them to dry.

making a shelf from an old drawer

My dad cut the plywood scraps into little shelves for me.

how to make shelves from a drawer

Voila... a shelf from a drawer... mic drop!

😂 Just kidding! I mean it is a shelf from an old drawer but it can be way cuter than this don't you think?!

I found some salmon colored paint in the garage (just barely enough for this project too) and I painted everything except the back (or bottom) of the drawer.

creating shelves from a drawer

I then added some wrapping paper for the backing with Mod Podge!

Don't look too closely at the edges and pay no attention to the wrinkles in the paper, those smoothed out on their own once the Mod Podge dried.

Note to self: put the wrapping paper backing on BEFORE attaching the brackets next time!

I lightly sanded all the edges of the drawer and shelves once everything was dry.

I am using this new, fun shelf in my half bath. It is replacing these shelves.

bathroom shelves

drawers to shelves

I love the uniqueness of these shelves.

drawer shelves

It's always fun when I am showing someone around my house and they say things like "Is that a drawer?" Then the next question they have is "Where did you get that?" lol

shelf made from a drawer

That is what I want for my home... unique decor and accessories that you can't buy at the store.

I left one of the holes from the original drawer pulls and added a vintage copper pull to use for a towel hook. The other hole was filled with putty.

bathroom shelf from a drawer

Don't those scrabble tile holders make perfect little shelf brackets?!

recycled drawer

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  1. So lovely! The color you've painted it is beautiful. Please tell me how you've attached it to the wall... with what kind of hardware?

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much! It has two sawtooth hangers on the back and I put molly's and screws into the wall!


  2. Thanks, Tania! I look forward to making one of these! You're incredibly talented!!

    1. You're welcome and thank you for the sweet comment! I'd love to see how yours turns out!


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