Front Entry Inspiration Board and Before Pictures!

06 October
Well, we are moving right along with the makeover of my boyfriend's house! 

If you've missed anything, so far we have completed the following:

We have now started on the living room! So far we have painted, installed new top-down/bottom-up shades and curtains, and moved the furniture around a little bit. You can see that here:

And now that you are all caught up 😁, I want to show you what we are working on now in the living room!

As you know, I like to make a room inspiration board for each of the rooms I'm working on. It helps me see all the elements that I am considering for the space together before I purchase what I need and make decisions on paint and fabric choices.

We are working on the entry into his house... the inside area, not outside yet. And while this isn't a "room" per se, we are treating it like so, I'm sharing my Front entry Inspiration Board, my thoughts and ideas, and some before pictures.

Front Entry Inspiration Board and Before Pictures!

Let's just jump right into some before pictures. Please excuse the awful picture.

You can see that the entry just opens right up to the living room... step inside and BAM there you are in the living room. I actually hate that but it's pretty common in smaller homes and I've had to deal with this in all but one of my houses.

Entryway Inspiration Board and Before Pictures!

My boyfriend really dislikes it too so our mission is to make this feel like more of a separate, defined space with its own purpose.

Here we had painted around the door area and had started on painting the other wall.

The things I like about the space... not much, lol... I like the little side window next to the door and I like that it has tile and you don't step right onto the living room carpet... I don't like the color of that tile though. That's it... that's all I like about this space 😩

Entryway Inspiration Board and Before Pictures!

Here is the inspiration board again.

Front Entry Inspiration Board and Before Pictures!

Here are our plans. To DIY:
  • wood slat accent wall
  • Paint the door navy blue
  • basket pendant accent light
  • key rack
  • pillow
Already have:
  • bench
  • round mirror
To Purchase:
  • navy blue jute rug
  • small plant for the window
  • baskets for under bench
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From the DIY list above, we have already started the DIY wood slat wall. In fact, the one in the inspiration collage is ours. I think this will add interest and help define the space. It will also have hooks for hanging coats and jackets.

I found the SAFAVIEH Handmade Natural Fiber Jute Rug at Overstock. It comes in other colors but I fell in love with that navy blue color! His house has a great room which includes the living and dining rooms, the kitchen, and of course the entry. We will be using navy throughout so this rug will be great. I order a 5' diameter rug which should disguise the 6' tiled area nicely and also help define the space.

I'm going to attempt to DIY a basket pendant light. The space does have a recessed can light but those aren't very cozy.

I already have the large, round Target mirror at my house that I'm going to try in this area.

And I'm going to DIY a cute key rack with a shelf for him to set his wallet.

We also need to add a bench. I do have a cute mid-century modern bench at my house that I might try to recover.

I'll make a pillow for the bench and find some baskets to fit underneath for things like shoes.

I'm excited about this space and can't wait to share the reveal!

Front Entry Inspiration Board and Before Pictures!

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  1. Your design board looks very nice and these boards are always so necessary to make before-hand. It saves time and money. I see you have the usual "'the-man-picked-it-out" couch to work with. (ha--me too!) I'm looking forward to seeing the final result photos.

    1. Thanks Vikki... yes, that brown couch... oy vey!

  2. The inspiration board is great and I can't wait to see this space when it's done!
    Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.


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