Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

December 27, 2021

The end of the year has arrived, it's crazy to think about... it has gone so fast!

This is one of my favorite posts of the year where I get to look at my blog stats and see which posts were the most popular each month 😊 

I love to see what everyone else liked... most of the time, they are some of my favorite projects too.

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

If you are new to LVC, welcome! You might enjoy looking at these past projects to catch up on what was popular here for the past year.

If you've been part of the LVC tribe for a while, thank you so much for your continued support, I hope you enjoy reminiscing about these past popular projects.

Let's start at the beginning of 2021. Just click on the title for each month to check out each project.

January - DIY Valentine Toilet Paper Tube Gnomes

These easy and adorable little gnomes are made with toilet paper tubes! This post was for Valentine's Day gnomes, but you could make them for all the holidays or just a generic, all-season gnome too!

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

February - DIY Poor Man's Murphy Bed

I think I surprised everyone with this affordable (poor man's) murphy bed tutorial... even myself!

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

March - DIY Geodes - Magical March Pinterest Challenge

This was a fun project and the results are so realistic looking! Would you believe these are made with GLUE STICKS??!! 😲

I have this nestled on a shelf with my other, real geodes and crystals, you can't even tell the difference!

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

April - DIY Boho Patio Side Table Makeover

This was part of the makeover of my boyfriend's back patio. He had a couple of these little glass-top side tables and I used fabric to give them a weather-resistant update!

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

May - Upcycled Divided Tray to Beach Themed Shadow Box

This project was so fun, I really exercised my imagination creating the vignette in each little cubbyhole. It was fun to rummage through all my crafty bits and bobs to create each one.

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

June - DIY Hot Tub Privacy Screen

Also part of the back patio makeover, we built this privacy screen and it really does the trick too! We were out there last night enjoying the hot tub at his place before he moves out. 

The hot tub will definitely be coming with us but we will have to figure out a different way to get some privacy at our new place.

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

July - Upcycled Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

I love this coffee table so much. It has storage inside too! This little gem was so ugly when I found it but it was less than $5 and I could see the potential!!

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

August - Repurposed Porch Light with Three Decor Ideas

If you haven't seen this post, you've got to see what this looked like before the makeover!! It was the back porch light from the patio we made over from the posts above.

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

September - Upcycled Lamp - Urban Outfitters Knockoff Face Lamp

I saw a similar face lamp at Urban Outfitters and created this knockoff for a fraction of their price!

It was fun to make and it sold right away in my Etsy shop!

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

October - DIY Bleached Basket Pendant Light

I tried bleaching an orangy-colored basket and it worked! I created this cute little pendant light for my boyfriend's entryway makeover!

We loved this entry makeover so much we will be recreating it at our new place 😃

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

November - Kitchen Makeover Reveal

And this was the last project at my boyfriend's house before we spontaneously bought a new fixer-upper house together!

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

December - Our New Fixer-Upper Empty House Tour

I'm excited to see that the empty house tour of our new fixer-upper made the popularity cut! We've got so many fun projects planned for this house so I hope you'll stay subscribed for all the DIY home renovations, thrift shop flips, and trash-to-treasure projects to come in 2022!!

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

Which of these twelve posts was your favorite?

Top 12 Posts for 2021 at LVC

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  1. I remember and enjoyed each of these fabulous projects but the realistic glue stick geodes blew me away. I'm looking forward to seeing how you transform your new fixer upper in 2022. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Marie, Happy New Year to you as well and I also am looking forward to what you will accomplish in 2022!!

  2. All great projects Tania! I especially loved that murphy bed. I just thought it was genius. Looking forward to see what you do in your new house. Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you for all of your posts for 2021.


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