Upcycled Wine Rack

23 July

My friends and I (the Do-It-Over-Designers) have another great lineup of projects for this month's challenge.

If you are new here, the DOD challenge is where we take something old and/or unused and 'do it over' into something new. These items can be found in closets, barns, garages, yard sales, and thrift stores, you name it!

I'll share my project below and at the bottom of this post will be the links to see the other ladies' projects. 😊 Enjoy!

I chose this small, wooden wine rack that I found at Goodwill for $3.99 for my project.

Upcycled Boho Wine Rack

Upcycled wine rack

I don't drink wine, but my boyfriend does so this will be nice to have in our kitchen. I love the look of mud cloth so I am creating a mud cloth design on this piece.

Do It Over Designers

If you're unfamiliar with mud cloth, it's trendy in Boho home design these days. It's an ancient Malian textile (dating back to the 12th century). Traditionally, it involves coarse, hand-spun cotton strips going through a long series of dyeing processes—first in a bath with leaves and branches, then numerous dye cycles in fermented mud (hence the name)—to achieve minimalist, symbolic designs. (Source: PureWow)

I was inspired by THIS and THIS for the designs I created on this wine rack.

First I removed the flower design. These were just rub-on decals that someone had put on it and they scraped right off with a razor blade so I didn't feel bad getting rid of someones hand-painted work.

Upcycled Wine Rack

Then I gave it a couple of coats of Black spray paint.

Upcycled Wine Rack

It looks better already!

Upcycled Wine Rack

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Then I used Frog Tape to tape off the area I wanted to start my design. 

Upcycled Wine Rack

The tape just keeps my lines semi-straight.

Upcycled Wine Rack

I used Sharpie paint pens in white. I ended up only using the one with the smaller tip.

Upcycled Wine Rack

I did have a little mishap though... when I used the paint pen along the very edge of the tape it bled under a little bit. 

Upcycled Wine Rack

Once I cleaned that up, I just used the tape as a guide and didn't touch it with the pen.

Upcycled Wine Rack

It's ok with me that the designs are perfectly semetrical (or even straight at times 😖), mud cloth is not perfect either, it's very organic looking.

Upcycled Wine Rack

The design I chose is just a series of lines, x's, arrows, and dash and dot patterns.

Upcycled Wine Rack

And here's my completed boho wine rack!

Upcycled Wine Rack

Here's the other design on the other side of the wine rack.

Upcycled Wine Rack

Upcycled Wine Rack

Upcycled Wine Rack

I hope you enjoyed this simple project, it was kind of relaxing to do... it just felt like I was doodling! 😀

Upcycled Wine Rack

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Upcycled Wine Rack

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  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2022

    Oh this is so much more modern now, what a great design!

    Loved our hop today.

    Rachel - Tea and Forget-me-nots

  2. Wow!! I can't believe that's a marker. Amazing transformation. I just might need to try this one!

    1. It's a paint pen... little bit different than a regular Sharpie marker :o)

  3. Wow, just wow; this looks amazing Tania. I don't drink wine either, but this inspires me to make something like this for my husband who loves his wine!

  4. What an improvement! The paint pen is genius, too. So much easier than paint and a brush!

  5. What a cute transformation on this dated wooden wine rack!


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