Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

09 September

I'm taking a little break from the basement remodeling while I wait for some things I ordered to arrive so I can continue.

Some people would consider this a time to rest... not me! 

I like to work on some other, smaller projects instead. DIYing and working on my house is relaxing for me 😃

If you've missed any of the projects we've completed in the basement so far, check out these posts to catch up:

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Today I'm sharing one of those quick, in-between projects while I wait for something I ordered on Etsy for the fireplace area I'm working on in the basement.

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

I painted an arch on the wall and added some floating shelves and I created a video to share how I styled these shelves.

Here is a look at the dining room before (on the left). This one was taken during our walkthrough of the house. This is the view into the dining room from the living room. On the right is how it looked not long after we'd moved in. We painted the walls white, painted the doors black, and changed out the chandelier.

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

The wall on the left side of the dining room is the one I'm working on today.

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

I have a small Craigslist buffet here and wanted to add some interest behind it with a painted arch and some shelves.

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

The video shares how to create the arch on the wall. I have another post that goes over how to paint an arch like this in more detail: Arched Butterfly Gallery Wall

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Once I had the arch painted, I hung two of these Threshold Wood Floating Shelves from Target.

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

These come with wall anchors to hang them up. DO NOT USE THE ANCHORS THAT COME WITH THIS SHELF! They suck so bad! I knew this going in but I tried to use them anyway... I knew better, I now have a big hole in the wall where it pulled right out! 😡

These are the offending anchors. I'm not even going to give you a link because I don't want you to buy them, they are terrible! I'm just showing you a picture in case you run across them when you are out buying supplies.

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

I recommend this kind instead. These are also called Molly Bolts, so when you hear someone saying they used Mollys, this is what they are referring to.


Once I had the arch painted and the shelves hung, I set about decorating the shelves.

I mentioned in the video that shelves are not my thing, I struggle with decorating them so what I like to do is get on Pinterest and do a few searches to get inspiration.

This is one of the pictures that I used as inspiration for these shelves, I labeled in pink the parts that I used. 

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

For the framed art, I used some napkins I found at World Market, the Ivory and Coral Abstract Arch Napkin, and the Orange Hacienda Sun Napkin. I put them in some frames I picked up at Goodwill.

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

Then I used a combination of new and vintage finds and some things that I found by shopping my own house. The sunshine mirror DIY is here: Copy Cat Sunburst Mirror DIY.

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

Side note: I put a TV here because I am trying to incorporate things that both my boyfriend and I like in our home. He likes to watch the news when we eat sometimes and since we don't have another TV on this level of the house, he gets one here.

This adorable Mouse Table Lamp is one of my favorite new finds!

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

What do you think? Do you struggle with decorating shelves and bookcases too or are you good at it?

I'd love it if you'd PIN!

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

I'm also working on the opposite side of the dining room. Here's a sneak peek, I can't WAIT to show you what I've done on this wall!! 😁

Dining Room Arch Wall & Shelf Styling

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  1. The painted arch really frames the shelves. It makes it look intentional, kind of like a built-in area. And your shelf styling is very nice! Great job!

  2. The painted arch and floating shelves frames the cabinet so well and creates a lovely vignette. I love the way you styled the shelves and the tv pretty much recesses into the black backdrop. That mouse lamp is just too cute for words!

    1. Thanks Marie! I guess the TV does blend right in huh? I hadn't even "noticed" that! haha!


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