Altered Valentine's Day Book - Part I

29 December
I'm working on an altered Valentine's Day book, would you like to see?

altered valentine's day book

These are so fun to make, have you ever tried one?

Granted, this kind of art is not for everyone but I love them... it's so carefree, anything goes!

There is a lot of cutting and gluing and even painting with your fingers, it's kind of like being back in grade school again! :o)

Here is what they look like when you're all done, this is one I made a couple of years ago:

I picked out this old scrapbook from my stash of supplies to use for my book.

I probably picked this up at a garage sale, I've had it for a long time... just waiting for the perfect project!

Here is how it looked before.

And here are some of the pages I've made so far!

On the inside of the cover I just brushed on some hot pink paint... very sloppily too! And then used my foam stamps and stamped "Little love notes" with a heart in place of the word love. I used two different fonts for a more haphazard look, it goes with the sloppy painting!

For the first page, it was about to tear out of the book so I used some Valentine Washi tape along the tear and then I used a page out of an old ledger and added some hearts created out of different mediums...

For the next two pages I used some old photos of cute couples.

This one features an old wedding photo. For the background I used a music sheet for the song "Love will keep us Together" by Captain and Tennille. Then lightly brushed over that with white Gesso and added scraps of lace, paper, stickers, trims, and buttons.

For this page I used another old photograph of a girl sitting on her man's lap. The background is painted with white Gesso and spritzed with pink spray mist. Vintage wallpaper, scraps cut from the original papers in the book, paint, a little bouquet of tiny millinery flowers, and "U + ME" with old scrabble tiles finishes it off.

Here a couple of comical pages...

The background for this page is from an old book on learning to type!

I'm telling you guys, I have so much stuff in my craft room, wish I had someone nearby who liked this kind of stuff, we could have a ball!

I used some more of the pink paint, a vintage valentine, red rick-rack, and a scalloped circle punched from old ledger paper. I wrote "Oh please say you'll be mine!" on it.

For this one, the background was painted with pink right over the top of the old clippings that were originally in the book (you can see them peeking through here and there), then I drew a sloppy heart on the page, added some red polka dots with my finger, and this vintage picture (I think a senior picture) of a very somber looking young man.

I used my small letter stamps and stamped out "You're my Little Kissy Face" on scraps of paper. A tiny piece of red rick rack and a tiny red flower dresses up the picture a little.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing these pages, I'll show more as I make them!

See parts II and III here:

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I get so inspired to do this when I see one but never seem to get around to it!
    So back to my painting project I go!

  2. This is super cool! You are so creative. If I lived closer....I'd be over there to "play" in your craft room! You have such awesome stuff! This seems similar to the Smash books I bought my daughter and niece for Christmas.can't wait to see more...:)
    Blessings, Vicky


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