Top Vintage Collectibles - Part II - Vintage Aprons

Today I'm sharing all about vintage aprons in the second edition of Top Vintage Collectibles.

Top Vintage Collectibles - Vintage Aprons

Who doesn’t love vintage aprons?!


Aprons have a long history beginning with serving a very utilitarian purpose for the local blacksmiths, carpenters, and butchers (all men) who wore aprons.

They have evolved over time to include pioneer women wearing very plain aprons that also had utilitarian purposes like gathering fruits and vegetables from the garden, eggs from the chicken coop, and logs for the fire.

Later, while they still had very practical purposes, women started giving their aprons more personal touches like embroidery, pretty printed fabric, and different trims and designs. Often a woman had a “work apron” and an apron she wore for company or special holidays and occasions.

Here are a few examples I found that I think are adorable.

Holiday and Seasonal Aprons

Source: eBay
Source: Catie Cat Vintage on Etsy
Source: Izzy's Vintage Garden

Source: Sharon's Antiques

Source: Sharon's Antiques

Apron Patterns

Vintage apron patterns are also quite collectible and those are sometimes more charming than the aprons themselves!

Source: Collector's Weekly

Source: Vintage Patterns Wikia

Source: I Heart Fabric

Source: Happy Day Antiques on Etsy

Display Ideas

If you like the idea of collecting these charming little pieces of history (the aprons or the patterns) but don’t know what to do with them… Here are some cute ways to display your collection!

It’s simple… just hang them up!
Source: My Crazy Life as a Farmer's Wife
Source: A Blog by Danielle Thompson
 Use them as chair skirts!

 Source: Tag Sale Tales

Hang then as curtains... and you can change them out for the seasons or holidays:

Source: Home a la mode

They would be cute on a clothesline in a laundry room.

Source: Ric Rac and Polka Dots
Make a sink skirt.

Source: My Domestic Bliss

And how about displaying a vintage apron pattern collection?

Make an interesting focal display.

Source: Crystelle Boutique
Here is a close up of how the patterns are attached to the embroidery hoops.

Make a curtain valance.

source: Mamie Janes

I have several aprons listed in the Little Vintage Cottage shop at a great price to start your own collection!

Here are some more interesting reads all about vintage aprons:

Country Living's article:

Who knew there was an apron museum!!??

So, do you have a vintage apron or pattern collection? How do you display them?

Part 3 will be about vintage advertising hangers!