Top Vintage Collectibles - Part III - Vintage Advertising Hangers

17 April
Part 3 of my Top Vintage Collectibles series is about vintage advertising hangers! 

Vintage Advertising Hangers

Hangers have been around since the 1800’s when Victorian women’s bustles and skirts had special storage needs. The hangers back then had various kinds of adjustable parts and spring systems.

1897 hanger1900's vintage hanger1900 hanger

Source: Displayarama

They evolved from there to include folding travel hangers and some with extras little hooks for belts. 

Tailors and clothing merchants soon discovered that hangers would be a good way to advertise their businesses, and from there evolved the wooden advertising hanger!

Vintage advertising hanger

So, aside from using them for the obvious… to hang your clothes (so much better for your clothing than wire hangers… so much prettier than plastic!) here are a few ways you could display a collection of your own:
Make a unique headboard:

vintage hanger headboard
Source: from Bachman's Summer Idea House Itsy Bits and Pieces
Hang your jewelry:

vintage hanger jewelry organizer
 Source: The Potting Shed-Anything goes Here

Vintage hangers as jewelry holders
 Source: Household Diva

Hang a curtain:

vintage hanger curtain rod
Source: Funky Junk Interiors
Hold your magazines:

vintage hanger magazine rack
Source: Style Motivation
Hang up your towels:

vintage hanger towel hangers
Source: Style Motivation

vintage hangers for towel hooks
Source: Country Living
Here is how I display my small collection:

vintage hanger curtain valance

I just hang them up over the curtain in the laundry room, kind of like a little valance :o)

vintage collectible advertising hangers

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Here is a tip too… don’t pass up hangers with crochet covers like these:

crochet vintage hangers
 Source: eBay
They are usually crocheted over a wooden hanger… sometimes a wooden advertising hanger, that's how I found a couple of mine! You can spread the crochet apart and see if you can see any letters before you rip them up… These are nice, I’m not sure I would tear these apart… but some… well, they leave a little to be desired and in that case go for it!!

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  1. I love these hangers and just picked up a nice one at an estate sale. I just hung it on the wall, but some of these ideas are great. Thanks for the tip about the crocheted ones. I'd have never thought to look under the yarn!

  2. These are really cool. I have never found any, but I will be looking for them now. I have never even thought about looking under the crochet to see what type of hanger might be underneath. I'll remember that tip! Hope you havea wonderful Easter weekend...Vicky

  3. So awesome! My favorite is using them to hang towels!

  4. this was a really fun blog post. I never thought about the genesis of hangers. I love the way you curate all the neat ways to use hangers for home decor!

  5. Do you know when do the hangers at the beggining date? Thank you!

    1. Hi Camila. I tried to look up the dates based on the phone numbers and near as I can tell they date anywhere from the 1920's to the 1940's.



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