The Beginnings of a Fire Pit Lounge Area - Weekend Yard Work Series

04 May
Of course it was super  nice weather all week... while I was at work.... then the weekend comes and it's just not as nice! Dang! I did manage to get a tiny bit of work done in my ever-evolving backyard though!

This is the corner I'm working on now. I am creating a fire pit lounge area.

Creating a firepit lounge area

To decide on a size for my fire pit area I made a circle with my garden hose the size I thought I wanted it to be.

Then I took an old can of spray paint and marked around the hose so when I took it out I'd still know where my circle was :o)

I scavenged these bricks from the front yard, I didn't like them where they were anymore so I thought they would work to make my circle!

And so here is where I'm at now! I set up the area just to kind of see what it will look like in the end.

I will probably move the flower but I wanted to wait for it to quit blooming first :o)

I rolled two pieces of the old cherry tree over to use as seats when I have a fire!

Next weekend I'm going to buy some pieces of flagstone (or something similar) to lay inside the circle for a more permanent patio feel... kind of like these:

Source : Erin Lanigan Flickr

Source: Charming Home Decorating Ideas
That last one is like a dream backyard isn't it? I'm planning to create a raised bed behind, in the corner kind of like this too.

Here are a couple of ideas I like for the stumps! You want your bum to be comfy right?!

Source unknown, I found it on Pinterest but the pin doesn't go anywhere :o(

Source: also unknown

If you missed my other weekend yard work posts you can see the backyard transformation here:

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  1. I just stumbled across your very lovely blog. Love your fire ring in progress. What a great idea. =) A new follower, Valerie

  2. Your fire spit space looks great. You must have worked so hard. You are right a plump cushion on those logs would be perfect. I could sit there toasting marshmallows all day.

  3. Your corner is looking great! I have been wanting a fire pit area for a whle now. I love the way yours is coming together...:) You sure have been busy lately and it is paying off! Yours will be looking as good as that dream one soon! Have a great week...Vicky


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