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22 June
mailbox garden tool storage

It never fails... I'll be working in my yard in the area farthest away from where my garden tools are stored and I'll need a certain tool... so I trudge all the way back to where my tools are located, pick out the one I need, make my way back to where I was working and realize I need a different tool now :o/

So, I decided I needed my small garden tools that I use a lot in a more central location to avoid all this unneeded frustration... and exercise!

So, I decided to recycle an old mailbox that I found when I went my first ever {junk pickin' trip}!

Here is how I made my mailbox garden tool storage:

· Old mailbox
· 4" x 4" post
· Concrete
· Scrap of 2" x 4"
· Scrap of 3/4" plywood
· Screws

Step 1) Cut the 4" x 4" post to the height you want your mailbox to be (add about 1 ft. for the portion that you will concrete into the ground).

Step 2) Dig a hole for your post and mix up enough concrete to fill the hole once the post is in it. Pour the concrete around the post and then check to make sure it is level in all directions.

I decided to put mine next to my new garden shed.

Step 3) Cut your scrap of 3/4" plywood to fit the bottom measurement of the mailbox. This will create a little platform for the mailbox to rest on. Make sure it fits just inside the indented area on the bottom of the mailbox.

Step 4)  Cut a the scrap of plywood to fit under the front of the mailbox. It will be secured to the 4" x 4" and to the wood platform. You will need to use a miter saw to get the angles right so it attaches securely.

Step 5) Attached all the pieces together. 
· First screw the platform to the top of the 4" x 4" with a couple of screws. 
· Next screw the 2" x 4" into place (through the top of the platform and then through the 2" x 4" into the 4" x 4")

·  Finally secure the mailbox to the plywood by screwing into the wood platform from the outside edges of the mailbox. There should be pre-drilled holes.

Step 6) Put your tools inside.

I picked out the small garden tools I use the most along with some gloves!

So now I can just open the mailbox and grab what I need without having to go back and forth!

It's also another little detail in my yard that makes me smile :o)

I just loved the little flap on the front of this mailbox, I have never seen one like that before!

And as always, my little helpers, Pongo and Roxanne were right by my side!

What do you think? Would you make one of these for your yard?

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  1. Sweet and practical is a great combo:) Pinning so I can make one too!

  2. I have seen this idea before and thought it was genius! I love your vintage mailbox with the flap though as it has character! Cute and convenient...:) You have been one busy lady this summer! It sure has paid off too...your yard looks fabulous!

    Blessings, Vicky

  3. that is absolutely ADORABLE and such a great idea.... I also would love one of those mail boxes for my home since they are so nostagic

  4. Tania, I love this clever idea! My backyard needs one of these and it's now been added to my Summer To Do List. Thanks for the awesome idea :) Pinned

  5. Glad you like it Marie! I trust you'll do a post about yours when you get to it!! ;o)



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