Organizing a Garden Shed - Weekend Yard Work Series

07 April

Organized garden shed

I purchased the {Keter 4'x6' Manor shed} from Wayfair for some much needed additional storage space in my back yard.

It will serve as a garden shed for storing rakes, shovels, fertilizer, week killer, etc.

I leveled out an area along the fence where I wanted to put it and then reused some old bricks from another area in my yard to make a pad for it.

I spent all day Saturday putting it together. It wasn't too bad and I was fine by myself until I got to the roof. I had to call in a friend at that point!

I am all about decorating any space I have... even sheds! I purchased a little piece of AstroTurf off the roll at Lowe's (in the carpet section) and just rolled it out on the shed floor.

I thought it was very appropriate for a garden shed to have "grass" carpet too!

This is all my yard and garden related stuff that I need to fit into this tiny shed!

For me, it's easier to organize a space if I have everything that needs to go into the space in front of me.

To start I needed some sort of cabinet to store smaller things. I decided to repurpose this very primitive hutch that I no longer wanted to use in my house.

This cabinet was much too tall for the shed so I used my Saws-all and cut the top, hutch portion off!

I placed it in the end of the shed for storing smaller yard related items.

It will also do dual-duty as a potting bench! I repurposed a tension rod and a drop cloth curtain and added it to the potting bench.

On the left I used a green, metal tub to hold all my weed killer and I added a chalkboard label to identify the contents.

On the right, behind the curtain is fertilizer, the spreader, and grass seed.

I put my small hand tools, leaf bags, etc. in the drawer.

The bottles of sprays hang perfectly on the side and propped my snow shovel there as well.

Now I needed a place to store shovels, hoes, rakes, etc. Since I can't hang stuff like that on the plastic walls of the shed, instead I made a storage unit out of a small pallet.

Some scraps of wood were used to help stabilize it and keep it from tipping over.

I placed it just inside the door to the shed. Perfect!

I used an old Golden Girl Apple crate to corral bulky lawn tools like my leaf blower, hedge trimmer, and weed eater.

Now it's time for a little decorating :o)

I added a piece of vintage wire fence along the back of the potting bench.

I made a GARDEN sign and stapled a piece of jute webbing to the back to clip seed packets to!

This little Urgent Care nurse is something I painted years ago. I had it in my bathroom in previous houses holding toilet paper and now she's holding a different form of urgent care... hornet and wasp sprays! That's urgent don't you think!?

I hung a collapsible compost bin that my daughter gave me on the wall and put a few other, larger items on the floor along the wall.

So, while this shed is super tiny, it's just big enough to hold everything I need for regular lawn maintenance! And it just goes to show that a little creative thinking and organization can make any space function better.

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  1. It's adorable! You got quite a bit of stuff in there, too! Good job!

  2. Tania - you did a fabulous job - you shed is brilliant and hold so much stuff. Well done you.

  3. What a cute little garden shed! I love how you made it cute inside too with all your special touches. Hope you're having a great week..:) Tomnorrow is hump day!!!

    Blessings, Vicky


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