Main Bathroom Redo - DIY Wainscoting & Built-In Magazine Rack

26 February

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Even though I am running around trying to get ready to move into my new booth space I managed to get the wainscoting up in the main bathroom. :o)

Beadboard Wainscoting in the bathroom

So do you remember this?

It actually worked just fine but the house has had central heat and air installed so I really don't need it... plus it was all rusty and ugly. So I removed it... to find this lovely spidery webby (technical term) rusty metal box.

I managed to unhook it without shutting off the breaker and then when I pulled out the heater portion the bare wires touched the metal box and sparked and tripped the breaker! Oy... I wonder sometimes if I should take on some of the projects that I do!

A quick phone call to dad though to learn how to use my Digital Multimeter, AC/DC Voltage Tester, Ohmmeter and I found the breaker that controlled this heater (unmarked of course) and shut it off. I pulled out this box after that and capped and taped the wires and built this...

It's my new magazine rack. I just used some scraps of mdf board, dowel, and beadboard to create this little box the same measurements as the hole in the wall. Then slid it into the hole and screwed it from the sides into the 2 x 4's in the wall! Easy peasy!

It looks pretty crooked in this picture but it is level so it must be an optical illusion or something! I obviously still need to trim it out too and then it will look much better, but I think it's such an improvement already!

So on to installing the beadboard wainscoting! Most of my beadboard paneling was given to me by my parents (leftover from a remodel on one of their rentals). I found some on Amazon though in a kit!

I screwed up in a couple spots and I didn't have enough left over to fix my screw-ups nor did I want to buy a whole other package of beadboard and have a whole bunch left over.

A couple of my miters were pretty bad too :o( Just keepin' it real here.

But!!! Caulking to the rescue!!!

This is after caulking.

And here it is after painting! I painted the door and molding too! Aahhh, it feels like a breath of fresh air now!

How about those before shots huh??

The towel bar is gone but I don't have anything in its place yet. The wall heater is gone...

The door and molding have been painted.

And those layers of old wallpaper have been removed!

I probably won't get anything else done until after I get moved into my new booth space but next up is the vanity. My plan is to remove the doors and paint it. I'd like to add a shelf inside and use pretty baskets for storage.

You can see the previous Main bathroom Redo pictures here:

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  1. Hi Tania, your bathroom is coming along beautifully! I love the beadboard. So pretty. Can't wait to see your next instalment. x Julie

  2. Everything you do is great - I really liked the magazine rack idea - so clever.

  3. nice job Tania! Doesn't the painted out woodwork make a huge difference?!

  4. Do It Yourself - the right magazine for this bath. It looks great with the bead board and the fancy insert you made. We had one of those heaters in our bath growing up. Loved standing by it on cold mornings. It is still in my mother's bath - just as ugly as yours was. I guess you are counting down the hours to the booth opening - Good Luck!

  5. Caulk is miraculous stuff! It looks 200% better!

  6. Your bathroom is looking pretty snazzy! I wish I could talk my husband into putting it in our your construction skills!powder room--bead board is a very appealing look. I admire your construction skills!

  7. It is looking great Tania, but I knew it would. Everything you do is fabulous! I love the fresh and clean. Have a great Friday and weekend!

  8. Looks so great. Nothing like caulk to hide a multitude of sins. :) Pat yourself on the back. You did awesome!


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