Old Stump Succulent Planter - Weekend Yard Work Series

I've been working hard on my yard since I bought my little fixer-upper house last September. I've had a new sprinkler system installed, pulled like a million weeds, and planted some things. I also made the decision to hire a lawn care service to get my lawn back in shape. It was a mess but I'm already seeing improvements!

Today I want to share a fun little succulent planter I made with an old log I found in the yard.

Planting succulents in an old tree log

As I said, this tree stump was lying in the yard when I bought the house.

It's very strange how it had this perfectly round bowl in it... I don't know what it's from... I suspect the weird homeowners were doing something equally weird with it. My new neighbors tell me that they used to have sword fights in this backyard! The poor apple tree in the yard has chop marks all over it where they must have been practicing with their swords :o(

Anyway, back to the stump planter!

I thought this needed hens and chicks planted in it (maybe I'm just as weird as they are)! I hope it works... hens and chicks are a succulent... succulents don't need as much water as most plants... the wood should hold in some of the moisture when it does get watered... that's my thought process anyway, we'll see...

I'm so excited that nicer weather is finally here, I've got so many fun plans for my backyard! Lots of hard work in store too... I can't tell you how many dandelions I've pulled out... buckets and buckets of them!

How was your weekend? Did you get any yard work done? Have any big plans for your yard this year?