Incorporating Vintage into Outdoor Decor - Weekend Yard Work Series

18 May
Incorporating vintage into outdoor spaces

I love to incorporate vintage items into my outdoor décor. I like a "cottage" feel in my yard and mixing things up a bit by grouping different styles of planters together and adding vintage items helps to create that feel.

Here are several ideas from my own yard for adding vintage into your outdoor decor.

This is an example of grouping different styles of planters together. These are cascading down the steps of my back deck... a large, plastic pot, a terracotta pot and saucer, a vintage truck with planted coffee can on the back, a repurposed chicken feeder, and a barrel planter.

The chicken feeder was a freebie I found on Craigslist. When I saw one planted with pretty flowers at House of Hawthornes, I knew that's what I wanted to do too!

Hens and Chicks were added to the bottom portion of the chicken feeder and the potato vine will grow quickly and cascade down the side and along the stairs.

Little objects inside the planter add interest... like this "rosemary" plant marker in the shape of a rock.

There is no rosemary in this planter but that's ok by me! :o)

An old toy truck is holding an old coffee can planted with some creeping ground cover.

Adding unexpected items in with regular pots creates interest and whimsy!

Out by my shed I have my grandma's old wheelbarrow that I planted with some tall, spikey grass, Lobelia, and Petunias and I stuck a little wooden birdhouse in the center for added interest.

If you decide to use a wheelbarrow to plant in, drill some holes in the bottom if it for drainage.

Even old tree trunks can be used as planters! The stump left over from my cherry tree has a hole in the center that is perfect for this little piece of Vinca vine!

Out in my vegetable garden I incorporated a section of an old ladder to act as a trellis for a vine type plant and an old shovel is propped up for added interest.

In this pot I added a little metal wheelbarrow for a cute little addition.

You can also use vintage pieces to help disguise an eyesore in your yard. In this case, the old fence section hides a bunch of ugly wires and meters on the side of my house.

I added the flower bucket on the fence piece, and an old lawn edger, another potted plant, a birdhouse, and a small fountain for an interesting grouping.

And here I have used a vintage child's wheelbarrow to hold a small collection of vintage garden tools. There are some more pots in different styles as well.

Treating your outdoor spaces much like you would indoor spaces by creating vignettes and groupings is a great way that you can incorporate vintage and create interesting, relaxing outdoor areas!


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  1. Everything is looking lovely!!! I like the way you use all sorts of interesting things to put your flowers in!! Everytime I visit you I come away with new ideas!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Lookin' good! I enjoy your yard and garden posts! Looking forward to seeing the raised bed by the fire pit! Have a great week...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  3. Hi Tania, super cute...lovin all the pretty flowers!

  4. Your plantings look lovely! I just stopped by to say thanks for the visit and the kind comment you left. Blessings, Tania!

  5. I love your outdoor style! You have the perfect balance between vintage, whimsy and planters, and I really like the way you mix things up. I had no idea hens and chicks could grow in so little soil - I think this idea is one of my favourite discoveries - thank you for that!!


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