DIY Faux Fireplace Headboard Makeover

I pinned a really cool faux fireplace made from a bookshelf headboard from The Interior Frugalista awhile back. Go ahead and take a look, I'll wait for you :o) **Insert music from Jeopardy here**

Cool right? Well not long after I pinned that I found my very own vintage bookcase headboard at Goodwill for $12.99 so I got to work building my own!

how to make a faux fireplace from a twin size bookcase headboard

I followed Marie's basic steps she outlined in her tutorial.

I used scrap wood that I had on hand. First I gave it a bottom, screwing the wood to the bottom of the headboard. Then I built a little 3-sided box for my "fire box". I did have to buy a piece of thin plywood to fill in the open areas between the sides of the headboard and the fire box but that was only $13.99 for a whole sheet and I didn't even use half of it.

You can see I cut up into the headboard a few inches to make my fire box the size I wanted.

I wanted the inside of the fire box to be chalkboard so I decided to be smart about it (for once) and I painted that piece before I attached it to the back of my fireplace! Aaaand I painted the rest of the fireplace at the same time.

It almost killed me though... I am SO impatient! I wanted to see it all put together so bad but making myself chill a little meant no taping and I could just paint away without being too careful! Yay!

I even primed the chalkboard before I attached it... I had my sh*t together for this project you guys! ;o)

I filled the screw holes in the fronts of the headboard legs with wood putty but I plan to purchase some of those little wooden furniture plugs for the holes on the insides of the recessed portions.

Then I drew a little chalk fire!!

What do you think?! I'm planning to put this up for sale in my booth at the antique mall. I could totally see it in an apartment that doesn't have a real fireplace... everyone needs a mantel to decorate don't you think?

Here's a before shot again...

And after... it's hard to tell what it used to be!



And here are some fun ideas I found on Pinterest for ways to decorate a faux fireplace: