Krylon Sea Glass Spray Paint Review

Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Krylon. Opinions expressed here are my own.

One of my favorite paint brands, Kryon, was nice enough to send me some of their Sea Glass spray paint to review so I made some pretty faux sea glass bottles to share with you today!

Faux sea glass bottles
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Supplies Needed

I started this project with some glass bottles from my recycle bin... almond butter and minced garlic 😁

Wash and dry the jars. You can use Goo Gone to remove the ink pull date stamps from the bottom of the jars and any difficult to remove labels or leftover glue.

Since this was purely experimental for me, I decided to try spritzing some of the bottles with water to see if I could recreate the bubbles that you often see embedded in glass. I sprayed the second coat over the water droplets hoping to recreate that look.

That didn't really do much, there are a few bubbles here and there but they are hard to get to show on camera.

Once you have a couple of coats of the paint on your jars, then sand them gently all over. I did this because the sea glass that I've seen is not perfect so I wanted this to not look too perfect.

After sanding generously, spray the bottles with one more light coat over the sanding.

You can lightly sand one more time and them wipe them down with a damp rag.

There are a couple in this grouping of old bottles. While the old ones aren't sea glass they have to same feel to them. Can you tell which ones are made with the spray paint and which are old?

I also tried out some Krylon I00810 Glass Frosting Spray Paint on the large white one in the center and I think it turned out great too!

So what's my impression of the paint? I love it!

  • It really goes a LONG way, I did 8 bottles with at least 3 coats each and I still have a lot of paint left!
  • It sprays on so nice and smooth, there were no issues with running at all.
  • It is very durable! I sanded with a pretty heavy hand and it stayed on the glass nicely with no scratching through to bare glass
  • I really can't think of any except maybe that it cost more than regular spray paint!
Here are some more shots of my finished bottles.

I added a cork to the tall jar with a seashell glued to the top, seashells inside the short green glass, and pretty lavender ribbons to each!

They are now in my bathroom window. :o)

I also thought candlelight glowing through the glass would look pretty.

These would be pretty to do for a wedding if the paint came in the colors of the wedding!

So, I am very pleased with this paint, what do you think?

You can also find the paint at:

Thank you, Krylon for letting me try out some more of your awesome paint spray paint lines!