Outdoor Lantern Makeover with Krylon Stained Glass Spray Paint

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Hello, happy Thursday, the work week is almost over! Whoop! Whoop!

You may remember back in August I posted a review of Krylon's Sea Glass Spray Paint and in March, a review of their Chalky Finish Spray Paint. I loved both of these paints and today I've got one more review, this time it's Krylon Stained Glass Paint!

Krylon Stained Glass spray paint review

I'll just tell you right off the bat... I love this stuff too! BAM! There. I said it.

But I'm sure you want to see more right?! :o)

Look at the before of this pathetic little outdoor lantern... sad right? I've had this for several years, it sat on my front porch for along time and I was just about ready to throw it in the Goodwill pile... but then I got my paint from Krylon to try out and the light bulb went off... or is it on?! I don't know... something happened with a light bulb in my head! :o)

The little glass panes were held in with four little metal tabs each so they were very easy to remove from the lantern for painting.

Summer Green...

And royal purple are the colors I received to try.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I started to spray this on the glass... you guys this is spray paint... how the heck do they make it so translucent?!

There are six glass panes total in this lantern. I painted three with the green and three with the purple and then alternated colors when I put them back in the lantern. I only painted ONE side of each pane of glass and I put that painted side facing out when I put them back.

I gave the lantern itself two coats of Krylon Colormaster Spray Paint.

The stained glass colors are very subtle which I like, I think it turned out pretty!

What do you think? Do you have something you might like to try this paint on?

Thank you to Krylon for providing the paint for this project.

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