My Vintage Trailer - Cupboards and Closets

03 March
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Hello friends, are you ready for another update on my vintage trailer renovation?!

Last time I shared all about the Counters and Curtains and Cushions, Oh My!!

Today we're going to look at the cabinets and closets which doesn't sound very exciting but trust me... the cabinets and closets are cute too 😉

Cupboards and closets in a vintage trailer

I will admit that I am kind of weird about closets and cupboards... even in my house... I want them to be cute... and inside my little vintage trailer, the closets and cupboards were no exception!

This is what the main closet in my trailer looked like when we brought it home. Not cute at all right? No... in fact quite disgusting.

I removed the shelf and cleaned (sorry for the bad pictures, these were taken on the fly with no real planning)...

I used fabric Hanging Accessory Shelves to allow more to be stored in the closet. I figured I would have more that needed to be stored in here (like bath towels, toilet paper, folded clothes, etc.) and less need for hanging space. I don't know about you but I don't take many clothes that have to be hung when I go camping.

I had to shorten the shelves I used to fit in the closet (which was super easy since they are fabric) but if you have room for a longer one, I think this one with drawers is cool: Fabric Closet Organizer with 3 Drawers!

It's kind of hard to tell in this picture but there is still room beside the hanging shelves for a few hangers.

I still wanted it to be cuter inside the closet though so I decided to "wallpaper" the inside with old maps, perfect for a vintage travel trailer don't you think??!!

I used Wallpaper Adhesive and about 3 old maps.

There was an old heater below this closet that we removed. It was a little too close to the bed for me and I'm not planning to camp at the North Pole anyway... I'm a fair weather camper!

So my mom made this cute little curtain to cover the opening and there was just enough room to put a little wire basket for magazines behind it!

The next things to tackle were the drawers next to the stove. You can see a little of them in this before shot.

They were in pretty rough shape.

And had this lovely disgusting contact paper inside.

I covered them with Brewster Beadboard Paintable Wallpaper and then painted them with aqua paint to match the stove, icebox, and range hood. The drawer pulls got soaked, scrubbed, and painted as well.

Inside the drawers I used some cute polka dot drawer liner.

And finally they are clean enough to actually put things inside!

The little cupboards above the kitchenette also got the beadboard wallpaper treatment.

And the inside was covered with maps too!

Every cupboard door in the trailer was removed, cleaned and sanded, and then covered with beadboard wall paper and painted.

The cupboards that didn't get the map treatment went from dingy...

... to fresh and clean!

The last area I wanted to show you is the bunk bed area over the bed. It's not technically a cupboard or closet but it now a storage area so I'm including it anyway!

Here it was before.

I don't have small children and don't know any adults who would fit comfortably up there so I opted to redesign this area. We shortened it by removing a section of wood to make it shelf size instead of bunk size. We reused the same hinge and it can be folded up and secured if need be... so far it has stayed down.

Here is how I am using it! I found a couple of vintage suitcases to store things like blankets and travel games and put them on the shelf! (As a side note, since we saved the hinge it would be super easy to make this back into a bunk bed by putting a larger piece of wood back).

Here's a good shot of the adorable kitchenette! You can check out the ceiling treatment, curtains, and counters, etc. in the previous posts below.

Check out the vintage trailer restoration resource page!

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