DIY Pottery Barn Look-Alike Footstool

I love me some Pottery Barn! I used to get their catalogs in the mail and I would look through them so many times that the pages would start to come out of the catalog!

But can I afford like... anything?! I may have purchased an ornament from the sale section once! 😏

But just because I can't afford anything from PB doesn't mean I can't get the look through a little ingenious DIY and I'm going to show you how too!

Let's create a look-alike footstool!

Just for reference, here is the PB stool.

It's $229... plus $22 shipping... that's over $250 for a footstool! 😲

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Supplies Needed

  • Round footstool
  • Faux Fur (I used THIS, if you want the crinkle fur like the PB version it is HERE but it is a little more expensive and they don't have white)
  • Wooden furniture legs
  • Wood screws
  • Drill & drill bits

Here is my footstool. I've had this for years, I think I got it at a garage sale.

Mine had a solid wooden bottom to attach the legs but if your's doesn't you could easily add one.

These are the legs I used, they are really close to the PB legs! They come with these metal plates that you will attach to the tops of the legs and then to the stool.

To attach the metal plates find the center of the leg and mark it. Line up the center hole on the metal plate with the mark you made and then mark the rest of the holes.

Using a drill and a bit slightly smaller than the holes, pre-drill the four holes. Pre-drilling ensures that you don't crack the wood when you screw the metal plates to them.

Now attach the metal plates to the legs with wood screws (if you have to purchase screws make sure they are the right size for the holes in the plates). #12's fit the plates for the legs I used.

I didn't bother with screwing through the center hole... I figured 4 screws per leg was plenty!

Be careful when pre-drilling that you don't do this!! Luckily this side of the leg faces in so you can't see it. I could easily fill it with wood filler but ain't no one got time for that! 😁

Arrange them on the bottom of the stool so they are evenly spaced and then pre-drill those holes as well. Then attach the legs using the four remaining holes on each metal plate.

 It's way cuter already don't you think?!

Now to make the fur cover you'll need to measure the circumference around your stool.

And the height of your stool (not including the legs). Add about an inch to each measurement for seam allowance.

Cut a piece of the fur fabric that is this size. Mine was 55" x 14".

There is a trick to cutting fur so I made a little video, it's only about a minute long.

If you don't do it like I showed in the video you'll have fur that looks very unnatural like this. It looks like Moe from The Three Stooges! 😂

Once you have the long piece cut fold it over, right sides together and pin it. Tuck the fur inside as you pin.

Now just do a straight stitch about 1/2" away from the edge. Don't try to sew fur without pinning, it has a tendency to travel!

Turn it right side out and test fit it on your stool. If it's not tight enough you can stitch it again a little farther in from the last stitching you did.

Now you'll need a top for your cover!

Lay the stool upside down on the fur.

And trace around it. I recommend a pencil so the markings won't show through. Cut this piece out adding about 1/2" all the way around.

Pin the top to the other barrel-shaped piece you finished, right sides together. It works best to pin with one pin across from each other first and then fill in pinning the rest. If you try to just pin all the way around it will end up not fitting right for some odd, unknown-to-man reason!

Stitch all the way around this about 1/2" in from the edge. Be careful as you are sewing, that you don't catch any of the rest of the fabric underneath which is easy to do when you are sewing in circles!

Turn it right side out and slip it over your footstool! You can pull out any of the furs that got stuck in the seams with the tip of your scissors so it looks more natural.

And now you have a super cute PB look-alike footstool!

I have a different kind of fur fabric that I'm planning to make another slipcover for my stool with too!

And it cost a fraction of the price! Here is my cost breakdown:

Stool - Free, I already had it
Wooden furniture legs - $26.73
Faux Fur - $12.25 for 1/2 yard at 30% off. If you wait until it is not on sale and use a JoAnn's coupon you could get it for 40% off!
Wood Screws - Free, I already had them

Total cost for my footstool - $38.98 vs. the PB stool - $251.00😍