Recycled Tissue Box Easter Basket

25 March
I love a unique Easter basket... one that isn't like every other basket you see this time of year. I also love an inexpensive Easter basket and if it's handmade, well all the better!

Today I'm sharing an Easter basket that is all of those things... unique, inexpensive, and handmade!

I saw this idea on the P&G website, it's made from a recycled tissue box and I just happened to have a pretty little tissue box that was almost empty!

How to make an Easter basket from a recycled tissue box

This was so quick and easy and if you have children or grandchildren, I bet they would love this Easter craft!

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I prefer the generic, store brand tissues because a) they are cheaper and b) they don't have the brand printed in plain view! 

This one has the info printed on the bottom so it's just pure pretty flowers on the sides!

Generic store brand tissue box

To make this basket, first cut off the top.

making an Easter basket from a tissue box

tissue box with top cut off

Some of the ugly advertising from the bottom was just a tiny bit visible when the box was standing up so I decided to cover the bottom edge with Washi tape.

Use wide washi tape and go completely around the box leaving half of the tape so you can fold it over the edge.

cover the edge with washi tape

Cut the corners.

cover the edge with washi tape

And then fold the edges over.

fold the edges of the washi tape over

Dab a little craft glue inside the corners to stabilize it a little if needed. Mine came apart a little when I cut the top off. Use small clamps and allow it to dry.

Clamp to dry

While that is drying, make the handle. You will use a strip of cardboard in the length you want your handle to be and two strips of felt cut just a little wider than the cardboard strip.

making an easter basket handle

cover cardboard with felt

Use craft glue to sandwich the cardboard strip between the felt strips.

sandwich the cardboard between the felt

Glue the handle down between the two layers of the sides of the tissue box (between the corners you glued above).

add the handle

I stapled mine too for extra strength.

staple the handle

I also added some Washi tape along the top, inside edge so it would be a little more decorative instead of just a boring brown box.

Washi tape on the inside

Now, add some embellishments of your choice to cover the staples for the handle.

I used these paper flowers... (there are lots of similar mulberry paper flowers HERE)

e. paper flowers

... and these fun plastic flowers! (I've had these for a long time and couldn't find them anywhere but I think these resin cabochon flowers would be so cute!)

plastic flowers

I used my Paper Tagger to attach the flowers. A paper tagger attaches things with the little plastic things like those used to attach price tags to clothing!

paper tagger scrapbooking tool

First, make a hole through the tissue box. I used my crop-a-dile tool because it punches through thick layers like this like it's butter! If you've been following me long then you know I use this thing ALL. THE. TIME... I've even used it to punch metal!

making an Easter basket from a tissue box

Both of the flowers I chose had a hole in the center so I stuck the needle of the paper tagger through both of those.

using a paper tagger

Then push it through the hole you made and squeeze!

adding flowers with a paper tagger

CUTE!! 😀

flowers attached with paper tagger tool

Now, add Easter grass and some fun goodies for the recipient! (I also added rick-rack trim to the handle).

recycled tissue box Easter basket

You could make these for boys too with a more masculine tissue box.

upcycled tissue box Easter Basket

My mom made that adorable little bunny YEARS ago, isn't he cute?! She has an Etsy shop with lots more adorable hand painted creations here: Tole-tally Painted.

tissue box Easter box

And I made these faux chocolate bunnies with brown spray paint and some thrift store ceramic rabbits!

Recycled Easter basket

DIY Easter basket

How to make an Easter basket from a recycled tissue box

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