Handmade Valentine's Day Cards + Free Printables!

22 January
About 4 years ago I shared an altered Valentine's Day book I made. I was looking through that book the other day trying to get some inspiration and it dawned on me... some of those pages could be recreated in a smaller version as cards (or just mini works of art)!

So in today's post, I am sharing how to make some Valentine's Day cards of your own using the altered book pages as inspiration!

I scanned some of the vintage pictures and wallpaper I used so that you can use them in your creations if you'd like 😉 I will link to them with their project below and at the very end.

Valentine's Day card

Here is that altered Valentine's Day book I created:

Altered Valentine's Day Book

I made it with an old scrapbook.

You can see all the pages in these posts:

Altered book for Valentine's Day

The first page that I wanted to recreate as a card is the boxing page...

altered book page

Here is the link to the Boxing pictures. You can buy a box of blank envelopes at Walmart for your cards. Cut white cardstock paper to the size you'll need to fit inside the envelope.

handmade Valentine card

handmade cards

Add a piece of scrapbook paper slightly smaller than the front of your card and then add the picture on top.

DIY Valentine's Day cards

I used small letter stamps to create the saying "I'll Fight For You Valentine", you could also print it or hand write it.

handmade card

Then cut out the words serial killer style 😜 and add them inside the card on top of another piece of scrapbook paper.

handmade Valentine card

Add some cute washi tape to the front and you're done!

handmade card DIY

For the second card, I wanted to recreate these pages.

Valentine altered book spread

Here is the link to the Couples pictures.

handmade cards

Again, add a piece of scrapbook paper and the picture to the front of the card but this time place them off center a bit.

DIY handmade card

Next, you'll need a toilet paper tube! For WHAT you say??

make a stamp from a toilet paper tube

Bend it into the shape of a heart...

toilet paper tube heart

Now dip it into some pink paint and you have a cute stamp for your card!

heart stamp

Stamp it here and there on the front of the card. Leave room to stamp "Truly Madly Deeply". I put the 'A' in Madly upside down for a little fun.

handmade card

I traced around the picture with silver glitter glue.

glitter glue

Valentine card DIY

And I added a couple of hearts inside along with some sheet music (hint: you can get sheet music cheap at almost any thrift store!)

DIY card for V-day

Voila! Card #2 is done!

funny handmade card

There is one more card to make!

I am recreating this page. Here is the link again to the Couples pictures. And here is the Vintage wallpaper scan.

Valentine altered book

I used a color mist on the page above so I wanted to recreate that on the card. You could use watered down paint and an old toothbrush to get the same effect... just flick the bristles with your nail while aiming at the page!

paint mister

While that dries stitch the picture to a scrap of wallpaper with a zig-zag stitch. I used my sewing machine!

handmade card

Cut around the edge with decorative scissors.

how to make a handmade card

Add this to the front of your card and add a little rhinestone on the corner.

handmade cards for Valentine's Day

Use the end of a paintbrush to add the pink dots around a couple of the corners.

Use a sharpie pen to trace around the scallops.

valentine card how to

Next, you'll want to add some flowers. I wrapped the stems in vintage ribbon.

make your own cards

Stamp "U + Me" and add a ribbon bow to the bouquet.

make handmade cards instead of buying them

I added another strop of the sheet music and a strip of scrapbook paper to the inside.

how to make your own cards

You can line the insides of plain envelopes to dress them up and make them match the cards too!

Cut a piece of paper to fit inside the card, it will need to be longer than the flap to give you room to trim.

how to line an envelope

Pull the paper out about 1/2 inch and trim along the flap.

how to line an envelope

Then push it back down into the envelope and secure with glue stick. Make sure the part of the envelope that you lick is still showing!

lined envelope DIY

Do you like to make your own cards?

how to make your own cards

I'll fight for you card

Which one is your favorite?

Truly, Madly, Deeply card

Handmade Valentine's Day Cards + Free Printables!

And here are the links to the printables again!

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