Upcycled Light Fixture Candle

12 January
I have one more little project from my winter decor I've been sharing. This one involves one of the old light fixtures from my kitchen!

How to make a candle from an old light fixture

Back when I remodeled my kitchen I also replaced the old light fixtures.

What was in my kitchen I believe was the original 1960's fixtures.

1960s light fixture

This is the part I used to make my new winter candle. I saved it because once it was off the ceiling and I set it down on the counter it just looked like a candle holder to me!

old light fixture

First I painted it red...

light fixture painted red

But that was before Christmas, so I changed my mind and painted it a nice creamy white for this project.

light fixture painted white

Then I just started adding some faux greenery...


... some winter white berries...

faux winter white berries

... some sparkly evergreen sprigs...

sparkly evergreen sprig

I found these in the after Christmas sale stuff at Fred Meyer.

holiday berries with snow picks

Along with this snowflake ribbon stuff!

snowflake ribbon

Now mind you... floral arranging is not my thing but I just arranged and arranged... fiddled and fiddled... and arranged and fiddled some more until I had something that I liked.

winter candle holder DIY

I have some little pieces of wood that look like little houses. My dad had this big long piece of wood that was in this shape and he sliced off some pieces for my mom and me to use!

I added some sparkly glitter to the roof.

wooden house

And placed it in front of my arrangement.

The candle fits right into the area that used to hold the light bulb!

how to make a candle holder with a light fixture

light fixture candle holder

It is now part of my buffet winter decor!

winter buffet decor

You can see how I made the wood molding scrap tree here: DIY Wood Scrap Tree.

buffet winter decor

sweater candle

And you can see the upcycled clock here: Upcycled Clock Winter Wonderland.

upcycled mantel clock

And if you missed my mantel you can see it here: Cozy Winter Mantle Decor.

winter mantel decor

Upcycled Light Fixture Candle

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