Button Easter Egg

10 April
It's Thrifty Chicks Wednesday, woot! woot!!!

This month we have two new members to our little thrifty group, please welcome Sheila from Audrey Would Vintage and Linda from Itsy Bits and Pieces!

The Thrifty Chicks challenges happen on the second Wednesday of each month. We pick an upcycling theme or item and then we each post our upcycling projects!

This month our challenge is buttons!

Button Easter Egg

make an egg out of buttons

Be sure to check out the other ladies' posts at the end to see what they came up with using buttons!

Thrifty Chicks challenges

Since Easter is right around the corner I thought it would be fun to come up with a new piece to add to my Easter decor!

I had this old frame out in my garage hoard (so I can now check another thing off the garage cleanup list!)

old picture frame

I used a piece of plain white scrapbook paper for my background but you could totally use a color or pattern instead!

To draw my egg shape I traced around the bottom half of a canning jar on the bottom of the paper...

how to make a button egg

...and then I traced around the top half of the lid for the jar at the top of the paper.

creating a button egg

Then sketch in the sides and you have a perfect egg shape!

how to draw an egg shape

Then I started filling in with buttons! I wanted to have stripes of pink, yellow, and blue around the center of the egg and the rest white.

Tips: Paint the frame before you create your button egg in it or you'll have a heck of a time getting it back out to paint the frame at the end... ask me how I know 😒

Be sure to erase the egg shape as you add buttons or you'll be left with areas where the buttons don't cover the lines... ask me how I know this too 😠 (such a simple project, so many errors!! I need a little face-palm emoji!)

create a button egg

I put some buttons on top of others to create some dimension and also to fill in holes left between buttons.

how to create a button Easter egg

I love that little flower button!

egg made out of old buttons

That cute little pipe cleaner lamb is available in my Etsy shop, Little Boho Cottage!

Button Easter Egg picture

framed button art

DIY button art

DIY Easter art

Framed Easter Art with buttons

DIY button art

Button Easter Egg

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