Dining Room Decor Updates

Today I worked on fluffing and prettying up my dining room since it's been pretty neglected lately. The light hasn't worked since I had my floors refinished over two months ago and it was lacking in the way of pretty d├ęcor which is not great because the dining room is open to the living room and kitchen making it pretty visible :o(

Pallet Plate Rack

First thing I did was hang up the pallet plate rack I made and this new 'EAT' sign I made... also from pallet wood!

To make the sign I just cut  pallet boards up to make each letter to the size I wanted (they are about 14" tall each) and then joined the pieces together on the back with metal brackets to form each letter.

They are stained with dark wood stain and dry brushed with aqua colored paint.

Once I had the plate rack and letters hung up I started the fun part... decorating! I shopped my home to find everything I used here.

Then I pushed my table up against the wall and brought the bench (a TJ Maxx find) around to the front where it could be seen (it was next to the wall before and you didn't even notice it).

I fixed the non-working light (just some loose wires) and raised it up out of the way for the time being. I want to swag it over so it hangs above the table but that will have to wait because it needs longer wires to do that. So for now it is just up higher, out of the way of people's heads (the reason the wires were loose in the first place)!

I have plans to slip cover the blue velvet chairs and I'll probably paint the legs to match the legs on the bench... later :o)

The crate on the table is something I've had for a long time, I got the roll of burlap webbing  a couple of weeks ago at an estate sale... .50 cents! I made the table runner out of some chair webbing just like that on the roll ('cept it's red)!

And I love my new cotton bolls!! I've been looking on Etsy for some for awhile now, I found these at The Clayson Farms Antique show last weekend (we don't have cotton fields where I live so these are really cool to me!)

Then I hung up my repurposed old door "shutters" on both sides of my french doors. I've had these out in my shed for a couple of years. I used one as a table runner for awhile.

And finally, I hung up an old window that I got at a garage sale for $10 to act as a room divider of sorts!!

My dining room and living room are open to each other and I like that but I also like to be able to tell where the dining room begins and the living room ends... or visa-versa!

This thing is pretty big but not overly heavy so I just used 4 cup hooks (2 on the top of the window and 2 on the ceiling) and some little silver chain pieces.

So what do you think?

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By Stephanie Lynn