Landscaping with Boulders and Pallets - Weekend Yard Work Series

21 April
landscaping with boulders and pallets

Landscaping with boulders and pallets is an easy way to add a little inexpensive interest to your yard.

Look around your own property first, make sure to check everywhere... I found three good size boulders on the corner of my property! If you don't already have some, ask your friends or place a Craigslist ad. You can also purchase them at garden stores.

I placed one next to the iris and I stacked a couple of smaller rocks behind it so I would have a pedestal to elevate the birdhouse.

I placed the largest of the three boulders next to this ornamental tree.

See that black tape around the tree branch? Oops! this rock was so big and heavy when we dumped it out of the wheelbarrow it flopped over and took a chunk out of the tree :o(

I had heard somewhere that if you tape the bark back to the tree and add a little dirt it will heal itself.

So... my tree has a band-aid!

We put the last and smallest rock underneath another ornamental tree and put a birdhouse next to it.

I found these smaller rocks at my parent's house and I arranged them to create some interest in this corner of the yard and disguise the large tree trunk sticking up out of the ground.

Pallets are also easy to find for free. I found these in someone's burn pile!

You can use the whole pallet by just digging out some dirt and burying the bottom half of the pallet into the ground like so...

It kind of resembles a boardwalk!

Or you can pull the boards off and use them by themselves to create a walkway like so...

With this method, you can place the boards closer together and create more of a sidewalk feel.

It's easy to fix up your yard without spending a ton of money! Here are some more fun ideas:

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