Pallet Patio Love Seat - Weekend Yard Work Series

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This is part two of my patio makeover, last weekend I stenciled the concrete and it turned out great! If you missed that part of my patio makeover be sure to go check it out here: DIY Stenciled Concrete Patio. This weekend I worked on creating a pallet love seat!

How to make a pallet love seat

You may remember from the stenciled patio post what my patio looked like before but let's take another look real quick.

I never sat out here... I bought the table and two chairs on Craigslist last year and only used them one time... the table just ended up being a place to pile things... so I sold them on Craigslist this year for $5 more than I paid for the set originally! :o)

I wanted something comfy to sit on out here but like lots of things around here I wanted something I could DIY and that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg so I decided to try making my own pallet love seat!

Here's a fun video I made for you! After the video I'll show you how I made it :o)

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I followed Donna's awesomely simple tutorial over at Funky Junk to make my new love seat, it's SO simple, all you need are two pallets, a 4x4 for the legs, and screws! Thank you Donna!!!

Be sure to check out Donna's tutorial but basically all you do is attach 4 chunks of 4x4 posts to the sides of your pallet for the legs and you can attach the pallet you use for the back or leave it unattached like Donna did.

I used some 4x4 post pieces I had lying around.

You will need SUPER long screws because they'll have to make it all the way through the 4x4 and into the pallet, mine were about 6 1/2" long.

Be sure and sand the hell out of it so that you won't get splinters and your fabric cushions won't snag.

I used 'L' brackets to attach the back on mine.

And old fence boards for the arms.

Let me tell you this think it STURDY!!!

So now I just needed cushions. I tried to find a ready made cushion that would fit but no dice... I checked JoAnn's but the foam they had to make my own cushions was ridiculously priced... like $70 a yard ridiculous!!!

I found some on Amazon finally for a lot less money. I used High Density Upholstery Foam - 5"H 24"W 72"L for the seat. I went with 5" thick foam so it would be super comfy and  my butt wouldn't hit the boards underneath!

It was 72" long so I cut it in half...

And the two pieces were EXACTLY the right size for two side-by-side cushions for the seat!

I used a Canvas Drop Cloth, 6 x 9-Feet to cover my cushions.

I just wrapped them up...

Like big Christmas packages...

And pinned them with big safety pins.

I may make them a little more high class next year but since it's almost the end of the season I chose this method for now. You can't even tell and I like it because they'll be easy to remove to wash!

See what I mean about a perfect fit?!

For the back cushion I used a 2" x 24" x 48" Upholstery Foam Cushion  and covered it the same way I did with the seat cushions.

I only used the 2" thick foam for the back for 2 reasons... 1) to save on cost and 2) because I knew I wanted lots of pillows anyway so a thick piece on the back wasn't really needed.

Next I added 2 Euro pillows that I already had. I made simple envelope closure cases out of another drop cloth... it got washed at some point with a blue rug and turned this pretty mint green color!

I used two standard size pillows I already had next. I bought AllerEase Waterproof Pillow Covers for these... partly to help since they'll be outside (I need to buy some for the Euro pillows too) and partly because the pillows had a really obnoxious design on them that would have shown through the pillow cases.

I bought some inexpensive pillow cases from Walmart to use with these pillows...

And then, since I wanted them to close (and not look like I took two pillows off the bed!) I used some Velcro I already had and sewed it on the outside of the pillowcases, right below the hem line on both sides...

Then I folded the ends of the pillowcase in and pinched the two Velcro pieces together to close up the pillowcase...

It almost looks like a zipper!

Looking cozy huh?!

Then I added a couple of blankets. I found this one at Walmart!

And a cute throw pillow I found at the thrift shop for only $3.49.

And voila!!! My pallet love seat is complete!! I found the Mexican blanket at a garage sale for $1.00.

It is so comfy too! It's deep so you can curl up on it!

I'm planning to add some more fun details to the love seat, like this old fence cap that I found in the burn pile at my parent's neighbor's house.

My new pallet love seat with my stenciled concrete floor and this makeover is off to a good start!

I have plans to paint the door into the laundry room and the railing next to the sliding glass door next and I have some fun DIY decor planned so I hope you'll come back by to see more makeover progress.

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Canvas drop cloth:

P.S. Here are some fun pallet project books you might like:

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