Vintage Outdoor Rocking Chair Makeover - Weekend Yard Work Series

Last weekend I found a few items that I plan to keep for myself. One is this vintage, metal rocking chair.

Vintage Outdoor Rocking Chair

As you can see it's not your traditional rocking chair, it's almost like it's on springs or something but it is so comfortable... and it was only $5.00!! :o)

There were several layers of paint that were peeling and cracking so I sanded it down and took a wire brush to it to clean it up a little.

I found some black spray paint in my stash and that worked for me! It looks so much better already!

With the addition of a comfy seat cushion it now sits on my deck.

See that little table next to the chair?

It's another one of my purchases, it was $3.00.

Perfect for a few magazines and my drink!

I didn't do anything to it, I thought it was cute just as is!

I have been wanting a rocking chair to put up on the deck... the one's I had been looking at were around $100... I think $5 and a little elbow grease is way better don't you?

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