Dressed Up Flower Pots - Weekend Yard Work Series

Today I have a very simple project to share... one that you can completely use your imagination with too! There are no rules, no patterns, and there is absolutely no "right way" to do this project!

Painted terracotta flower pots

Remember my patio inspiration post? More specifically, the painted flower pots from that post?

Here is that inspiration photo.

Source: Growing Spaces
I just happened to have several terracotta pots that were ready to be dressed up!

I used regular white craft paint and painted my designs free hand.

If you want more of a perfect look then you could definitely make a pattern for yourself... but I like the freehand look... the less perfect, the more perfect in my eyes :o)

They look really cute all grouped together with mums and Johnny Jump Ups (or Pansies) for fall.

I love this one with the little chicken wire cloche :o)