Patio Makeover Inspiration - Weekend Yard Work Series

02 September
The weekend is finally here, yippee!

What do you have planned for your long holiday weekend?

I'll be spending part of my time spreading more rock in my backyard, I ordered 4 yards of chip rock to be delivered on Sunday. This will probably be the last landscaping project for this year since it's already September.

But!!... I do have another project in my backyard I'm working on... it's my patio!

Since I'm still planning and working on it I thought today I'd share some of my inspiration!

Inspiration for a boho patio
I really love this cozy balcony, the bed is made from pallets!

I'm not planning on having a bed on my patio but I am working on a pallet love seat! I'm so excited to finish that project to share! I have the sofa done and I just ordered some foam to make the cushions. I am planning on lots of pillows like this bed though and I love the neutral color scheme.

I also love the rug in this picture and I have one that is similar already :o)

Source: Onekindesign
I want a coffee table in front of the love seat and I really like this rustic crate coffee table... and I happen to have an old green crate very similar to this that I found at the dump so I'm going to try and repurpose it into a new coffee table.

Source: Found Vintage Rentals
Then I think I'll also need a side table, I think this one made from a whiskey barrel is cool... and guess what? ... I have one (two actually)! Mine are plastic but they look pretty real so we'll see how that turns out.

Then I'd like some fun accents to liven the space up a bit. I love old ladders used as decorative pieces. I have an old ladder similar to this one that I picked up at a garage sale for just $3.00!

Source: Onekindesign
I also really like these fun painted terracotta pots too. The one with the scallops is my favorite but I like the two on the top shelf that are painted with white around a quarter and half of the pots... oh! and the one on the bottom shelf too! Oh who am I kidding? I love them all!

And I have blank terracotta pots just begging to be made over! ;o)

Source: Growing Spaces
And I definitely think I need some tassels!! I'll be making some, I have a lot of fabric in my craft room so I should be able to come up with something to use.

Source: Pretty Prudent
And here is my patio that I will be making over. This is an old picture though. I don't have that love seat anymore but that is the rug I mentioned above!

That door definitely needs to be painted too!

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  1. Great inspiration shots, Tania! Happy Labor Day weekend!

  2. Great ideas Tania! Looking forward to the final reveal! Happy Weekend!

    1. Thanks Florence, you have a nice weekend too! :o)


  3. Can hardly wait to see what you do. Love your ideas.

    1. Thanks, I can hardly wait too! ha ha!


  4. ok soooooo jealous, please come and do mine......everything is soooo gorgeous!!!

  5. oh shoot, helps when you read first before you inspiration ROCKS!!!! I want it all


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