DIY Inspirational Quote Sign

The weekend is here, the weekend is here! I've been waiting with bated breath for the work week to be over so I can work on my patio again. My weekends include Fridays so today I painted the laundry room door and the porch railing and I'll be sharing that real soon.

Until then I have another project to share. I finished up a little decor project... also for the patio.

DIY Inspirational Quote Sign

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I love this quote and it seems so perfect for outdoor decor don't you think?! You can buy this quote on Etsy to print out but since mine was going to be outside I didn't think the paper would be a good choice (even if the patio is covered) so I decided to paint my own and I'll show you how to make your own too!

Supplies Needed

  • Board (if you don't have an old one you can purchase one HERE)
  • Wood strips to make a frame (optional)
  • Chalk Paint (I used Waverly)
  • Craft Paint in the color of your choice for the quote
  • Transfer Paper

I had this old piece of wood lying around, I think it's an old shelf... it was here when I bought the house.

It came in handy to use as a wheelbarrow ramp for hauling loads of rocks up over the concrete edging in my yard 😁 But I was actually saving it because I thought it could serve a better purpose... like a sign!!

If you have one board cut it into two pieces the size you want your signs to be. I cut mine exactly in half and sanded it to make my two signboards.

Print your chosen quote in the font and size you want. I used Microsoft Word to print mine. Alternatively, you could use a stencil or precut vinyl quote.

I picked up some Waverly Inspirations Chalk paint at Walmart awhile back and decided to use it for this project.

Use the transfer paper to transfer the words to the boards and then use black craft paint to paint them.

Warning... if you choose a very straight lined font like I did it's going to be more difficult to paint straight letters like these. I think it turned out ok though. You could use a Sharpie marker or paint pen instead.

I bought some wood strips from Lowe's to make my frames.

I made the frames like little boxes around the signs, if you lay them down flat they are like shallow trays.

And they are flush on the back.

I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out (crooked letters and all!)

I can't wait to get these hung up outside and work on some more projects I have in mind.


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  1. Love the quote and the signs. I'm sure they look great in the patio.

  2. You did a fabulous job on the signs. I know letters are challenging but they look pretty darned straight and even to me!

  3. Me too...the signs look perfect to me...only you see the mistakes. Love your patio so far!

    1. Thanks Florence! I'm loving my patio too :o)



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