Simple Fall Front Porch

02 November
Only 22 days until Thanksgiving and 53 days until Christmas!

Have  you started your Christmas shopping yet or am I the only slow one? Maybe you are already done?! I have started... but just barely :o)

I'm not quite in the Christmas spirit yet... I'm still getting used to fall! I mentioned the other day that I didn't decorate for Halloween and how disappointed I am with myself for that... I had new Halloween goodies and everything.

Oh well... no sense beating that dead horse any longer... I decided to go ahead and decorate my front porch a little bit for fall... better late than never right? This will be good through Thanksgiving.

Fall decorated front porch

My garage is such a mess I can't get to my decorations but I did manage to find a couple of things to create a very simple fall front porch.

I pulled out a pretty fall colored afghan that my grandma made and draped it over my $5 black yard sale bench.

I made the rake display several years ago. It will hang  up but I decided to just prop it up on the bench instead.

This is not my real mailbox but just a decorative one that I filled with some fall flower picks.

I put some branches from my twisted filbert bush in the boots along with a leaf branch.

And wrote a quote on my chalkboard.

"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower"...

I added a couple of pumpkins... the leaves scattered around are from Mother Nature :o)

And that's it! I actually really like the simple look of it all, what do you think?

Did you decorate for fall?

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  1. anne in the kitchenNovember 02, 2016

    Your porch is perfect. I tend to like a simple decor.
    I threw up a few Halloween decorations at around 4:30 Halloween afternoon then took them down at 10 that night.
    I hope to get a Thanksgiving " look" done this week, but it has been to hot here to really be thinking Fall.

  2. Nancy CarrollNovember 02, 2016

    It looks great! Fall is flying by. Can't believe Christmas is in all the stores already.

  3. Shirlee CarterNovember 02, 2016

    I really like your fall porch decor. That little bench will be great for decorating during the different seasons. I did a little fall decorating outside but we had snow, then rain so now everything is drying out before I can pack it away.

  4. Hi Shirlee! Oh my goodness snow already? It was almost 70 degrees here in Washington today.


  5. Thank you Anne, you did better than I did with decorating! ha ha!


  6. Amanda WallaceNovember 03, 2016

    I love it! Its so simple, inviting and very festive. Your grandmothers blanket is too beautiful to be outside. You should be cuddled up with it on the couch. As a side note your penmanship is very beautiful. You should do some more arts/crafts that showcase it.

  7. Thank you so much Amanda! I agree about my grandma's blanket but it needs to be washed anyway so I thought it could be outside for awhile first and then I'll wash it, plus is covered on the porch :o)


  8. Diana PetrilloNovember 09, 2016

    Lovely decorations, Tania. Your bright afghan makes a real statement and your wellies with the leaves tucked in are the perfect accent. Thanks so much for sharing your decorating with us at Vintage Charm :)


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