How to Paint a Vintage Trailer for Under $60

We have had several really nice days, weather-wise, lately, so we decided to paint my vintage trailer, Maizy!

You can paint your vintage trailer yourself for under $60!

So, just as a reminder, here is what she looked like the day we pulled her home.

And here is what she looks like now!

We decided that we wanted something a little bit different... everyone seems to paint straight lines on their vintage trailers... in the form of stripes or arrows, or whole blocks of color, stuff like that, well since Miss Maizy belongs to a GIRL (me!), I wanted her to look girly, so she got scallops!!

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Supplies Needed:



1. Lightly sand the whole trailer (I'll be honest, this part sucked)!

In the process, we found where the original trailer decal was! I don't actually think the decal is under there, I think it was just the old residue. But you can see it says "Scotsman"... that's what she is... a 1967 Scotsman, and that's also why her name is Maizy,  it's a Scottish girl's name! :o)

2. Prime any areas where there was bare metal.

3. Tape everything off (that took awhile... she has LOTS of windows and vents and stuff!), put wood in front of the tires, sheets over the hitch, etc.

4. Start spraying! This is my dad, he got most of the honors...

I did get to do some of the painting! We used my new airless sprayer which did really great!

And we used Rustoleum Gloss White paint which also worked perfectly!

5. Let it dry overnight then do the 2nd coat.

This is my dad on day two with the 2nd coat... he decided that he needed to cover up a little bit more because he ended up with white paint all over him on day one and this is oil based so not the easiest to get off!

So here she is in her new glossy white coat! :o)

6. Add details!

On day three we added scallops! We just used regular spray paint for this part. I made scalloped stencils out of cardboard and we taped them on under each window.

It seemed like that should have worked really good but actually there was over spray and not very crisp lines so here are my mom and dad working on fixing that!

My dad used some sort of rubbing compound to get off as much of the overspray he could and then my mom came along with her artist paint brush and touched it all up!

The door was also painted aqua, here I am giving it the first coat.

Still taped up but with cute scallops and an aqua door now!

7. Remove the tape!

Now came the very best part! Taking off all the tape!!! I was grinning from ear to ear!

My mom told me to do the happy dance... apparently, this is what the happy dance looks like... in case you didn't know...

Here is my dad and I beaming over our new accomplishment!

Notice the little step stool between us? It also got a makeover! Here it is before.

Even the tongue and jacks got a matching paint job!

Before and after pics anyone?!

Well, what do you think?? Cute Yes??


Here is the cost breakdown:

1 gallon of paint - $26.87
2 containers of mineral spirits - $14.68
2 cans of aqua spray paint - $7.96
Blue painters tape - $8.98

$58.49 total for Maizy's new paint job!

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**UPDATE - my trailer has been painted now for 4 years and the paint still looks as good as new!**