Upcycled Horse Trough Raised Garden - Weekend Yard Work Series

28 May
The weather has been really nice here in Washington State, it was almost 90 degrees today! And that means this sun loving girl was outside in it almost all day!

Aside from my normal yard work (mowing, edging, etc.) my dad and I used his truck to pull out a couple of overgrown leaf trap bushes in front of my house. Well... I should say we used the truck to loosen them because they would not come out without a little digging and cutting but they're out now!

Last year I worked really hard on the backyard landscaping and this year I'm excited to work on the front. If you'd like to see what I did to the backyard check out the posts here: Outdoor Living Areas. Scroll past the first few and you'll see the yard projects.

Today I also created a raised garden from a horse trough!

How to make a raised garden from a horse trough

I really wanted an old horse trough but couldn't find one so I used a new one I ordered from Amazon. It's 38 gallons and shallow which I thought would take less soil.

I wanted to elevate it so I used two plastic whiskey barrels I had. One had weeds growing in it so I think this is a much better use for it!

There we go!

Since this is sitting on my patio I didn't want water all over the patio every time I watered it so I opted to use gravel for drainage instead of drilling holes in it.

I didn't use all of these, only four since one of the whiskey barrels had dirt in it that I reused.

Of course, I had my trusty sidekick supervising!

Once I got all the dirt in it I started planting my flowers... some Shasta Daisies...

Pink Petunias...

And a few vegies... tomatoes and peppers!

It kind of acts like a divider between the sitting area and the rest of the patio.

I can't wait until those tomatoes and peppers are ready to pick!

This would be a great idea for renters... or if you just have no space for a garden. I also think casters added to the bottom would be cool.

I hope you have a relaxing Memorial Day with family and friends. My best friend is coming over and we are going to BBQ shish-kabobs and enjoy the sunshine!

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