DIY Garden Markers From Things You Have Lying Around

29 April
Do you like gardening? I had a vegetable garden at my last house. I really want one again but I don't think I'll get to it this year... maybe at least a tomato plant or two though!

When I plant a garden I like to decorate it just like I like to decorate inside the house... cute trellises, garden gnomes, birdhouses, etc. 😁

Today I'm sharing some cute DIY garden markers you can make from things you already have lying around the house.

DIY Garden markers you can make from things you have lying around the house

The idea for these garden markers came from some pieces of an old terra-cotta pot that I found buried in the bottom of a planter that was at my house when I bought it. I turned it over to dump out the old dirt and a bunch of pieces like these fell out, I thought they were kind of cool looking so I saved them.

To make plant markers with them I white washed them with some "Warm White" craft paint.

To make some similar you will need some broken terra-cotta pot pieces, heavy gauge wire, and wire snips.

I wrote the plant name on the smooth side of the pot pieces with a black Sharpie marker and then wrapped them kind of haphazardly with the wire, twisting the wire ends together to form a sort of stem to poke down into the dirt.

They can be for flowers or vegetables!

I gathered up some other super cute DIY recycled plant markers to show you too! Click over to see the tutorials.

This one is made from recycled wire hangers and frozen juice can lids by Diane at In My Own Style!! I just love the little bling she added with beads!

Source: In My Own Style
 And this is a cute way to recycle old forks and wine corks! These are by Artsy Va Va!

Source: Artsy VaVa
 You might have to purchase some little glass beads for these but they are super cute no? They are by Andrea at This Pug Life.

Source: This Pug Life
 And who doesn't have a rock or two? I love these by Lu Bird Baby.

Source: Lu Bird Baby
Aren't these the cutest ideas for some DIY garden markers? What I love the most about them is you can make them with things you have lying around the house!

Here are some pictures from my garden at my last house. I miss it!

Best of all was harvest time! Check out those adorable little heads of cabbage!! Eeek! They were SO GOOD too!

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