DIY Scrap Wood Planter Box

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After I made the Trash to Treasure Scrap Wood Boho Pumpkins and then shared my Fall Porch Tour, I'm all inspired to do a little more fall decorating!

So, today I am sharing a simple DIY scrap wood planter box that you can make!

How to make a planter box from old fence boards!

I have a stack of old fence boards left over from when I had my fence replaced last year so I picked out a couple of pieces to create my new planter box.

Here is how to make one for yourself!

Cut two side pieces and two end pieces to the size you want (you'll need a bottom too but I would suggest waiting until you have the box made before cutting the bottom since old wood is often warped and wonky)!

I used my chop saw but you could cut these with a jigsaw, or even a handsaw since this is a rustic box and the cuts don't need to be perfect!

Sand all your pieces to remove any rough areas and reduce your chances of splinters!

Next, you'll attach the end pieces to the side pieces.

I used fencing screws (also leftover) but you could use a nailgun or even a good ol' hammer and nails.

You'll now have something like this.

One of my end pieces was a little warped and it cracked when I attached it. That's ok though, it just adds to the rustic look!

Now, cut the bottom piece. I made mine fit inside but you cut it to fit the outside dimensions. If you do that, turn the box upside down and attach the bottom piece by screwing or nailing down into the sides of the box.

Give it a final sanding to make sure there aren't any rough edges (especially necessary if you are going to use this inside on your nice table!)

Your rustic box is finished, that was easy!! You can leave your box rustic and plain like this if you like.

I wanted to give my box a little Morrocan/boho spin. I found these stencils at Michael's but I really like These and These too!

All done, isn't it pretty!?

If you want to use this as an actual planter I would line the box with plastic or better yet... build the box to fit the dimensions of a plastic planter!

I am using mine for a new fall table centerpiece!

Flower arranging is not my thing but I think this one turned out pretty nice anyway!

Here is how I did it.

I filled up the box with plastic shopping bags. You could totally be all professional and use floral foam but I didn't have any and I know I will be taking this apart in a month or two anyway so bags work for me!

Then I laid a brown feather boa I had over the top to hide the bags. You could use moss instead.

I filled in with some large fall colored flowers, cotton bolls, some faux pumpkins and some other odds and ends I had.

The pumpkins came in a brown mesh bag like This one so I decided to reuse the bag and make some little "pouf picks" to stick in my arrangement.

Here is how to make some.

  1. Cut the bag into pieces (my bag was large enough for two).
  2. Gather all the raw edges up and hold in your hand.
  3. Wrap a rubber band around the bottom until secured (you could use string or wire too).

Then just poke them into the arrangement here and there!

And here is my new rustic Morrocan fall table centerpiece!

I reused the brass candlesticks that were already on my table behind the box.

The little brass deer also stayed.

I used the adorable thrifted table runner I found here: Treasure Trove Tuesday.


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