How to Enjoy Your Patio Even When It's Still Cold Outside - Sponsored Post

29 March
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The first day of spring has come and gone (March 20th to be exact) but guess what?

It's still cold outside!! 😞

In fact, I know some areas still have snow!

I'm ready for spring... warmer weather, sunshine, and relaxing outside in the warmth, how about you?

Even though it is still a little chilly outside I have started enjoying my patio anyway! Over the weekend I sprayed everything down and cleaned it all up. I even rearranged the seating and decor.

Gas Patio Heater from Wayfair!

And guess what? I'm warm and toasty out there... know how?

With my new Propane Patio Heater from Wayfair!

When the lovely folks at Wayfair asked if I'd like to participate in their "Move the Party Outside" campaign for March I thought "it's still cold outside! How can we enjoy the outdoors just yet?!"

But then I remembered a party I attended once where they had patio heaters just like this (only much larger and surrounding the whole yard) and I remembered how warm I still was even though it was winter at that time!

Since my patio is small, I ordered the smaller tabletop patio heater and it's just perfect!

small outdoor heater

outdoor propane gas patio heater

After work last night I came out here for a little relaxation time and a treat! I made Skinny Banana Oatmeal Muffins. They are so good!

small patio heater

gas patio heater

My little man joined me on the sofa.

outdoor heater

Although let's be honest... he just wanted that muffin! 😄

heated patio

patio heater turned on

patio decor

small patio heater


It is especially cozy when dusk begins to creep in.

patio lights

I stood outside at the nursery picking out a few flowers to plant and I think I should suggest that THEY get a patio heater or two!!

potted spring flowers

I also have a fireplace but that's not something that you can have right up on the patio usually (mine is covered) like you can this small heater!

Check out their selection of both big and small patio heaters here: Propane Patio Heaters You'll Love!

propane patio heater

patio heater

Even though it's still cold outside you can still get a jump start on spring and enjoy a little outdoor time with a patio heater from Wayfair!

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