11 DIY Fall Decorations You Won't Have to Store!

27 September
I can hardly believe it's almost October already can you?!

Once I finally get over the fact that the stores start putting out holiday décor items waaay before the average person is ready and once I’m actually in the mood for it, I like to stroll the holiday aisles to see what’s new and different from last year. I like to see all the holiday-themed posts from my fellow bloggers and surf Pinterest for inspiration too.

I want to #makealltheholidaycrafts!! But then I soon realize that I’ll have to actually find a place to store all these wonderful holiday decorations when the big day is over. 😬

This year I am planning to do a big purge of my holiday items as I am dragging them all out of storage. I don’t ever go all out and decorate every corner of my home so why do I need 56 bins of stuff for each holiday?! (of course, that’s an exaggeration, lol… or is it?)

But fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner and I want to #makealltheholidaycrafts! 

What’s a girl to do?

I have rounded up a smorgasbord of decorations that do not require any storage space (or if they do it's very, very minimal storage requirements) when it’s over!

decorations you don't have to store
I'm so excited about these projects! They are all things you can easily make with repurposed household items and then either throw them out or put them back to their original use when the season is over!

Yippee for reduce, reuse, recycle!!😀

To start off the roundup, look at this adorable rolled book paper pumpkin from Autumn at It's Always Autumn!

If you have an old book that you can use then you can easily undo the baker's twine and unroll the pages and it takes up very little space until next year... or recycle it!

Rolled book paper pumpkin
Source: It's Always Autumn
I found this on Pinterest and unfortunately the Pin doesn't go anywhere so I cannot give proper credit but isn't this cute?!

You could use almost any sort of basket you may have... a picnic basket (metal, rattan, etc.), an old lunchbox, or even a breadbox! Fill it with mini pumpkins and gourds, a branch or two off a tree, some dried flowers, etc. When you're done, toss out the stuff inside and put your basket back!

Fall picnic basket arrangement
Source: Unknown
These don't have a source either but these fence post pumpkins would be easy to make if you have a few old posts lying in the woodpile. Then throw them back into the wood pile when the season is over (if you can bear it!)

Jack-o-Lantern fence posts
Source: Unknown
I know I have an old rake like this lying around how about you?! This is from Tiffany at TeeDiddlyDee!

I like that this one still has the handle so if you need to use it you can take the decorations off!

fall decorated rake
Source: TeeDiddlyDee
 What a great idea to recycle some cans into fall vases! This is from Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie Farmhouse.

I think it would be super cute to use pumpkin pie filling cans!

recycled can vases
Source: Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie Farmhouse
This idea is just adorable! It's from Kelly at My Soulful Home.

They are made from Scotch Brite copper scrubbies!! When you're done you can scrub dishes with them!!

pumpkins made from scrubbies
Source: My Soulful Home
You probably have an old sweater that you can use to cover a vase! When the season is over, undress the vases!

This pin didn't have a source either.

sweater vases
Source: Unknown
This idea is just genius! They are made from full rolls of toilet paper!! Just unwrap them to get to the TP roll again!

Toilet Paper Pumpkins
Source: Yet another Unknown!
Heather from New House New Home shared this simple but effective idea! Fill some vases with mini pumpkins!

pumpkin filled vases
Source: New House New Home
This fall decorated wheelbarrow is so pretty and a great way place to keep your wheelbarrow!

fall decorated wheelbarrow
Source: Unknown
This is pretty! You can use an old urn style planter after you've removed the summer's flowers!

It's from Debra at Common Ground.
Pumpkin urn
Source: Common Ground
What do you think? There are some pretty sweet decorations here, which one is your favorite?
11 DIY Fall Decorations You Won't Have to Store!

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