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30 July
Thank you to Wayfair for partnering with me to bring you this patio refresh post! Financial compensation was not received for this post, I received a gift card to purchase products. Ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.

It's such a weird time in the world right now, isn't it?! I have always been a bit of a homebody but it's so weird to have to stay home!

I think a lot of people are making the most of it though, I've noticed that many people are using this time to work on their homes and yards. 

It doesn't look like we will be back to normal any time soon. And as we continue to spend more time at home, it's no secret that most of us could use a little TLC and some distractions from what is happening in the world! What better time to refresh your favorite area and create a comforting space that brings you peace and joy. 😊

Our friends at Wayfair are encouraging us to surround ourselves with things we love and I'm so happy to be participating in their summer campaign, "Joy at Home"!

Joy at Home Banner
For me, the space in my home that brings me the most joy this time of year is my backyard! I am a summer-loving girl... bring on the heat, I love it!

When I was selected to participate in this campaign I knew the area I wanted to refresh was my back patio area. I have always wanted a fountain... a big fountain not just a tabletop variety (although I have had those and loved them too!)

I chose this pondless fountain by Liquid Art Fountains. I love the look of fountains that look like part of nature like this one.

rock fountain by Liquid Art Fountains

That's the product picture, I was crossing my fingers that it would look that good when I got it!

It was really easy to install! It came with instructions and once I figured out where I wanted to put it, all I had to do was dig a hole for the basin!

I wanted it next to the patio where I sit so I can enjoy it and near the back door so I can hear it inside if I have the door open. This is the spot I chose, between the post and the two stepping stones.

location for fountain

The first step was to put the basin that will hold the water in place to determine placement and make sure it would fit.

pondless fountain basin

I moved all the river rocks out of the way so that I could easily dig the hole for the basin.

location for fountain

Then I used spray paint to mark the exact area where I would need to dig.

marking the area for digging

The hole just needed to be about 7 inches deep. Luckily there weren't any tree roots in the way!!

digging for the fountain

put the dirt on a tarp

The directions said that if you have sandy soil to add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the hole. I don't have sandy soil, but I thought it was a good idea anyway and I have gravel!

add gravel to the bottom of the hole

Next, you just put the basin down into the hole and make sure it's level in both directions.

put the basin of the fountain into the hole you dug

The pump was already put together so all I had to do was put the grate and mesh screen down.

adding the fountain pump and screen

fountain basin with pump, grate, and screen

Then position the actual fountain on top.

place the fountain on top of the basin

Then you just tip the fountain on its side and screw the pump hose onto the attachment inside the fountain.

tip it over to screw the pump hose onto the fountain

screw the pump hose onto the fountain attachment

Now fill it up!! I made sure to use city water and not irrigation which is dirty and full of stuff that can clog up a fountain.

fill up the basin of the fountain with clean water

Now it's go time!!! Test that sucker out!! The pump has a valve on it so you can adjust how much water flows from the fountain.

testing the fountain

Then backfill with dirt and add rocks to hide the basin.

add rocks to cover the fountain basin

Adding the rocks back took the longest of this whole project because I had to clean them before putting them back so the fountain basis wouldn't get full of dirt and debris from dirty rocks. If I had started with new rocks I wouldn't have to do this step.

The cord to plug the fountain in runs along the patio under the rocks and then under this rug.

patio rug hiding the fountain cord

Now, do you know what happened next?

Well, I had this pretty new fountain and then the rest of the space looked a little sad... so that spurred a little rearranging!

First of all, there was just too much junk and clutter... like the chiminea fireplace, stump, and wood storage all grouped together. Here is a before shot.

patio before rearranging


I scooted the chiminea over closer to the post which gave the fountain a little more room and made it more "center stage".

chiminea new placement

I moved the stump over by the birdbath and now I'm using it for birdseed!!

birdbath and bird feeder

My walkway was created with pallet boards when I first moved in.

patio makeover

See how to make the concrete garden spheres here: DIY Concrete Garden Spheres

Pation design

Here are some more shots from the patio.

patio view from right

birdbath patio view

view from the back door

fountain view

view of the patio from the yard

view of the back door

See how I made the sign here: DIY Inspirational Quote Sign

trough raised garden

This is exactly what I do when I come out here... relax!

reclaimed wood sign

view of backyard from patio

patio view from the left

See how I made the couch here: Pallet Patio Love Seat

pallet sofa

loveseat view of the patio

See how I made the patio table and benches here: Recycled Pallet Outdoor Dining Table and DIY Outdoor Benches

table view

And see how I made the umbrella here: How to DIY a Patio Umbrella Cover

patio table umbrells

I put a little solar spotlight on it for some nighttime joy 😊

nighttime fountain

I am so happy with my new fountain! I have always wanted one and this definitely brings me Joy at Home! Wayfair has so many fountains to choose from too!

Patio Refresh with a new Fountain

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