Upcycled Wooden Bowl Mushrooms - Weekend Yard Work Series

08 April
Every yard needs some interesting landscaping and whimsical touches… especially if you like a “cottage garden” feel like I do!

Today I’m going to share a couple of ideas from my own yard.

I created these whimsical mushrooms out of upcycled and recycled materials.

How to make garden mushrooms from wood bowls and tree stumps

They are super easy, here is what you’ll need to make them:

  • Wooden bowls in different sizes
  • Tree logs/branches
  • Red paint
  • White paint
  • Paintbrush or sponge brush
  • Protective finish
  • Screws

Step 1) Sand the wood bowls and paint them red. I chose gloss red spray paint for mine.

Step 2) Add white polka dots. I used white craft paint and free-handed the polka dots on mine with a sponge brush.

Step 3) Attach the bowls to the tree logs/branches.

Make sure to select logs and branches that are a little longer than needed to allow for about a foot to be buried in the ground.

Pre-drill holes into the bowls for the screws and do not tighten too much when attaching to the logs or your bowls might crack.

Step 4) Spray with several coats of protective sealer.

Step 5) “Plant” your mushrooms.

Select a spot that doesn’t get hit hard by sprinklers. Dig down into the dirt a little bit and stick the end of the stump into the ground. (You could concrete them in but I wanted to be able to put mine away for the winter to help them last a little longer).

And now you have giant yard MUSHROOMS!!!!! Eek! Aren't they so cute!?

My tree logs and branches are leftover from a large cherry tree I had cut down. If you don’t have access to any try calling a local tree trimming company and asking where they’ll be cutting down a tree next. You can go to where they’ll be working and ask for a couple of logs! I’m pretty sure they’ll be more than willing to give them to you, they have to dispose of them anyway!

I like it that the stumps were not completely flat on the ends, some were cut at a bit of an angle which I think gives the mushrooms a more realistic look.... or... as realistic as GIGANTIC mushrooms can be!

You can easily find wooden bowls at garage sales and thrift stores. I only paid $1.75 for all three of mine.

I love these… look at the little tiny one!!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one that grins from ear-to-ear when I see these :o)

That covers whimsical touches for a cottage garden, now let’s look at a little interesting landscaping!
Here is what this area looked like when I started.

Notice the pile of landscaping bricks behind the broken green rake... the dead-as-a-doornail potted fern :o(, the pile of haphazardly dumped rocks, and the weeds and clumps of grass popping up between those rocks.

After some much-needed weeding, tilling, transplanting, and clearing of the dead stuff and leftover landscaping bricks, I arranged the rocks into an eye-pleasing yet still natural looking pattern around a tree stump and surrounding Vinca vines.

I love how the vines have taken hold in the center of the tree stump!

I pulled some things together from other parts of the yard to create a little park-like setting. A rustic bench that was rescued from the dump and a couple of birdhouses…

A small birdbath and a bird feeder on the fence…

This little concrete bunny is swinging from my lilac bush...  isn't she cute?!

And a birdhouse…

I repurposed an old pallet and built a little pallet walkway too.

And I now have a whimsical, interesting corner in my yard!

Do you prefer whimsical cottage gardens or are you a formal English garden type of person?

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