Terracotta Flower Pot Man - Weekend Yard Work Series

Terracotta flower pot man

I love having cute and interesting little touches throughout my garden and outdoor living spaces like this adorable and easy to make little terracotta pot man!
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Here is how you can make one of your own:

Supplies Needed

Terra Cotta Pots

Step 1) Create the arms and legs:
  • Cut 4 pieces of the jute twine about 12" to 14" long each. 
  • Tie one end of one of these lengths around a cork (I used small wooden thread spools because I didn't have any wine corks).
  • Thread the end through the hole in one of the small pots. 
  • Wedge another cork into the bottom of another small pot and then thread the jute twine through the hole in that pot as well so they end up stacked on top of one another. The wedged cork just gives some extra space so the pots don't sit directly on top of each other.
  • Do the same thing for the remaining arms and legs.

Step 2) Create the body by gluing two of the large pots together open end to open end.

Step 3) Stick the end of the dowel down into the dirt where you little pot man will sit.

Step 4) Tie the ends of the twine for the two legs around the bottom of the dowel. Make sure you have them far enough away from the dowel that the body can slide down over the dowel and not sit on top of the legs.

Step 5) Slide the body down over the dowel.

Step 6) Tie the ends of the twine for the two arms around the dowel at the top of the body just like you did the legs. Allow them to hang down over the sides of the larger pots.

Step 7) Slide the head down over the remaining dowel sticking up.

Step 7) Plant the "hair" for your pot man. I used Creeping Jenny but any plant that looks like hair will work!

Step 8) Cut small pieces of faux moss and stick it in the ends of the arms and legs to hide the corks.

There is another tutorial over at Confessions of a Plate Addict with more pictures to help explain the steps a little better if you're confused by my lack of pictures :o(