Top 12 Posts For 2023

01 January

Happy New Year!

Each new year I like to recap the most popular posts from each month on LVC. It's a nice way to reminisce and remember all the fun projects that happened each year.

Top 12 Posts For 2023

Top 12 Posts for 2023

These are the most viewed posts for each month of 2023:

January's Favorite Post

January - Christmas in January - Retro Christmas Ornaments DIY

I was so happy to see that the most popular post for January was the very first project in the 12 Months of Christmas Ornaments series I started 😃

Top 12 Posts For 2023

February's Favorite Post

And again for February! I had fun experimenting and finding a way to make my own spun cotton to make ornaments like these.

Top 12 Posts For 2023

March's Favorite Post

I was surprised just as many were, at how easy it was to create my own Anthropologie look-alike colored glass vases.

Top 12 Posts For 2023

April's Favorite Post

April - DIY Nicho Boxes

Who knew a hotel soap box could become such a cute little nicho box... well I did, that's why I tried this project 😂

Top 12 Posts For 2023

May's Favorite Post

May - Repurposed Wood Ring Tray

This month's project was part of one of the Do-It-Over-Designer challenges and I used wooden curtain rings and a picture frame to make a tray and a cute vase!
Top 12 Posts For 2023

June's Favorite Post

June - How to Update Hollow Core Doors on a Budget

I love this project and I've been making over all the hollow core doors in our house with this budget-friendly fix.

Top 12 Posts For 2023

July's Favorite Post

July - Repurposed Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

This project was another Do-It-Over-Designer challenge, and I love how it turned out!

Top 12 Posts For 2023

August's Favorite Post

In August, the favorite project was another of the 12 Months of Christmas series. We learned how to make our own sweet Putz houses.

Top 12 Posts For 2023

September's Favorite Post

September - Early Fall Mantel With Repurposed Thermoses

I've had fun all year recreating my fireplace mantel for all the seasons and holidays. This early fall mantel was the most loved project for September.

Top 12 Posts For 2023

October's Favorite Post

October - Christmas in October - Pipe Cleaner Dolls

Back to the 12 Months of Ornaments... October's most popular project was the vintage-style pipe cleaner doll ornaments.

Top 12 Posts For 2023

November's Favorite Post

November - Altered Christmas Teacups

In November I used two thrifted Christmas cups to make cute altered teacups.

Top 12 Posts For 2023

December's Favorite Post

December - Repurposed Baby Shoe Ornaments

Finally, for December's favorite, these repurposed baby shoe ornaments made the cut as the most favorite!

Top 12 Posts For 2023

All-Time Favorite Post

I also like to look and see what the most viewed project of all time is on the blog.

It's these recycled Little Golden Book ornaments!

All-time most viewed post - Recycled Little Golden Book Ornaments

I think this post got so many views from Pinterest... many people over there are really upset by this project so they came to check it out, lol.

Top 12 Posts For 2023

I want to thank everyone who reads my blog and supports me with your wonderful comments and readership. I appreciate you and here's to another great year at LVC!


Top 12 Posts For 2023
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  1. Love all the projects Tania, but the hollow core door makeover is one of my favorites. And I love your Christmas series. I think that was a brilliant idea, and there were so many fabulous Christmas projects in the series. All the best in 2024! Looking forward to seeing what you do in the new year.

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to all your new posts too!

  2. A good year! Wishing you and yours all the best for this new year, dear Tania, hope it's another good one!

    1. Thank you Amalia, happy new year to you too! :)


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