Harvest Time

11 August
No... I don't live on a farm or orchard... but my little garden I planted this year is doing so good and I had a successful harvest over the weekend!! :o) And I'm so proud, it's kind of like when your child has his or her first sporting event... ok, maybe not that exciting, but pretty exciting!!

small vegetable garden harvest

Would you just look at those ADORABLE little heads of cabbage?! I had to go online to figure out when to harvest them as I've never crown cabbage before. Mine weren't getting any bigger and apparently that's ok... what I read said that when the heads feel firm to the touch like those you buy in the grocery store, then they are ready to harvest.

And my pepper finally turned orange, isn't it pretty? Lots of tomatoes too!

I sure hope these little darlings taste as good as they look. Speaking of cabbage, I found a DELICIOUS recipe on Pinterest for roasted cabbage... OMG... it is to die for!

You can experiment with spices on these too, almost everything is good! I made some with cajun seasoning that were really mouth watering.

They look so pretty to me, I did have to throw one out though because it had started to rot so I'm glad I picked them.

small vegetable garden

It is all in the fridge now... waiting to be eaten! Yum! Something about home grown fruits and vegetables makes them so much tastier! :o)

Do you grow a garden? If so, what kinds of things do you grow?

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  1. What cute little cabbages! Have you tasted yet? Hope they taste as good as they look.


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