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23 October
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Hello! The weather here today was such nice, fall weather... crisp but not too cold with little hints of sunshine here and there... it was the perfect day to get some photographs of my back patio to share with you!

If you're new here then you probably don't know that I've been working on a much needed makeover of my back patio area. I worked hard all summer landscaping the backyard... hauling and spreading about 5 yards of rocks, planting, etc. and I wanted to be able to sit on a pretty patio to enjoy all my hard work!

Bohemian patio makeover

Remember my pallet love seat?

I had a little bit of trouble finding just the right spot for it. At first I had it over by the laundry room door but that position didn't allow any view of the yard and then we had a really hard rain and I discovered that my patio roof leaks over there!

Then I placed it here, along the house facing out toward the yard but it's a little bulky and didn't allow much room for decorating... we can't have THAT!!

And over by the sliding glass door is this access panel to the crawl space under my house. I couldn't put the love seat over it because of the center legs.

So I ended up turning it sideways and sliding it up as close as I could next to that access panel. This way I can see almost the whole yard and there was still room for some more decor!

If you like the pillows and blankets on the love seat you can find some  here:

In my patio inspiration post I talked about making a whiskey barrel side table and I did that with one I already had.

If you like the decor on the table, there are some similar things here:

Whatever Is Lovely

I made the table top with an Unfinished Round Table Top ...

And stained it with Driftwood Wood Colored Stain.

The astroturf rug is the Synturfmats 3'x5' Artificial Grass Carpet Rug from Amazon. I love this rug, it is SO soft... Pongo immediately laid right down on it!!

And this rug was a thrift score!!

Here are some similar rugs.

You can see some of my dressed up Terracotta pots... and one of my vintage aluminum lawn chairs I fixed up.

And the DIY inspirational quote signs below the kitchen window.

I used an old ladder to display my potted plants.

You can find some similar decor items here:


I painted the lantern I got at a garage sale white and hung it up.

You may remember the before...

I picked up a little glass candle holder at the thrift shop. I think it turned out so pretty, it's one of my favorite things :o)

The wooden hang ten hand was another thrift score and I've had the ceramic flower candle holder for many years.

They are sitting on the back of the pallet love seat. I added a shelf to the back for decor and coffee cups!

I found both the Kelly Rae Roberts pillow and the wrought iron candle holder at thrift shops. You can buy the pillow here: 'Nourish Your Soul' Pillow

This is my view of my yard when I'm sitting on the love seat :o)

Today was a great day to light a fire in my outdoor patio fireplace.

This exact Chimenea fireplace is currently unavailable but there is a similar one by the same company here: La Hacienda 56168US Skyline Chimenea with Log Storage.

You can see a glimpse of the Pergola that I fixed up in the background.

Let's look at the before of the patio to fully appreciate how far it's come!

And after!!

What do you think?

Here are all the patio fix up posts:

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  1. Nancy CarrollOctober 24, 2016

    It's so fun and comfy looking! If only it had walls so you could enjoy it year round (with windows on all sides, of course!). Great job on everything you've done in your yard this summer. You've put in a lot of work and it looks fantastic for it!

  2. Donna WilkesOctober 26, 2016

    My favorite thing about your patio makeover remains the stenciled patio - I love it!

  3. Tania, would you please come and do mine now???? I will get ya a mocha and good company? LOL Love your pillows!!!! PINING

  4. Well that would be fun wouldn't it!!?? Thanks so much Christine!


  5. Thanks Donna... I think that's my favorite part too :o)


  6. It would be cool if it had walls!!



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